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These Incredibly Useful Food And Kitchen Hacks Will Solve Weird Problems You Didn’t Know You Had



The term lifehack reached peak popularity in January 2015, according to Google Trends. We’ll never get enough of strange little tips, tricks, and snippets that make daily life faster and easier. Here’s a roundup of a few surprising “hidden features” in life that you may not have seen before.


More Condiments For Everyone



Whether you’re dipping in ranch, ketchup, or barbecue sauce, you might be pleased to learn that you can expand these little cups to fit even more of your favorite condiments.


Check For A Spoon Slot


Your cookware collection may very well feature spoon slots in its handles. This nifty little trick makes it easier to keep your stovetop clean and organized.


Shop Where The Professionals Go

Serious Eats

If you haven’t been to a restaurant supply store, you should check one out. Most places sell to the general public and have the kind of stuff that you didn’t realize you needed!


How Do You Peel Your Bananas?


In nature, monkeys peel bananas from the tip, not the stem. This tends to keep those pesky, freaky little strings of flesh from sticking to the fruit inside.


Applesauce Made Even Easier


Applesauce was already simple enough as a snack, but this trick helps make it even more useful for hikes, traveling, etc. Remove the foil lid from the packaging and twist it into a spoon!


Invert Your Cupcakes


If you’re a cupcake fiend, try this strangely sensible technique that will change your entire eating experience. Slice the cake in half and create a sandwich around the icing. Yum!


Punch Those Tabs

This Week For Dinner

If you’ve ever gone to yank a sheet of aluminum foil or plastic wrap only to have the roll execute a launch sequence out of its packaging, you aren’t alone. Punch in the tabs on the walls of the cardboard box and watch as the rolls are held in place.


Carryout Containers Turn Into Plates


Who knew? Plenty of those paper carryout containers actually fold out into plates. It’s perfect for when you’re planning on having zero leftovers whatsoever.


Look For The Warming Drawer

Best Home Decor Ideas

A lot of ovens feature warming drawers that we often use for storage (if we even think about them at all). These drawers will only keep cooked food warm—they aren’t supposed to be used for cooking anything, ever.


When The Ice Cream Is Tough

Food Hacks

When you’re trying to serve a lot of ice cream very quickly, it can be tough to make dozens of scoops in a short amount of time. Consider slicing the ice cream with a serrated knife that’s been run under some warm water. Be safe!

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