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DirectExpose is your one-stop shop for all things entertainment. But what does that really mean?

It means we know the name of every Kardashian across three generations. We know the name of every model/It Girl Leondardo Dicaprio has ever dated (and we’d like a little credit for that because there are so many). We know we wouldn’t have Ryan Gosling if Cary Grant hadn’t done it first. And we know that Old Hollywood and Young Hollywood can’t exist without each other, so we’ll give you all of it.

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We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff. Missed that new show that all your coworkers are talking about? Don’t worry! We’ve watched it. Want to take a peek behind the scenes of your favorite movie? We’ll give you the all-access pass.

It is our pledge to you, our reader, to give you everything you need to know, in detail, and with our trademark wit. We know we’re obsessed, but it’s all for you.


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