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Man Learns Priceless Life Lessons While Traveling the World on Almost No Money



While most travelers would naturally set a budget as the topmost priority on their journey Leon Logothetis has survived with zero money.

Incredibly, 40-year-old Logothetis has visited almost 100 countries since he began his travel escapades back in 2013. It was in the same year when he starred in a Netflix documentary series “The Kindness Diaries.” But even way before receiving media coverage for his travels, Logothetis has always been comfortable with life on the road. He realized this after quitting his job as a broker in London in year 2005.

Logothetis shared: “I started doing this because I was in a lot of pain — emotional pain.” Working as a white-collar professional in the dog-eat dog world of finance, Logothetis seemed to lead an enviably comfortable life, materially that is.

However, his inside story was entirely different from what others might have seen. He added “I was wearing a mask, as many of us do. I felt very alone, very depressed, (with) no real sense of purpose … I felt like I was living someone else’s life.”

When asked about the most memorable experiences in his travels, Logothetis emotionally shared his experience with Tony, a homeless man who did not hesitate to share what little things he had with Logothetis. The kind-hearted man even shared his shelter and belongings however meager they may have been.

When asked about visiting countries with rampant terrorism, Logotethis advises travelers not to be scared into inaction because of the news. He claimed that although it is crucial to stay vigilant and listen to your intuition, you should never allow news headlines to “cloud the ability to go out and have a transformational experience.”

Logothetis shared that “there is connectivity out there, and there’s kindness out there. And that was one of the greatest lessons I learned.”