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Travelling Soon? Make Sure You Break These Offensive Habits Before Going Abroad



Traveling the world can expand your horizons to different cultures and new places. Adapting to a new culture is the hard part. Actions you consider normal and appropriate at home can be seen as rude or offensive in another part of the world.

Here are a few harmless things we all do that are actually extremely offensive in other countries.


Here’s Your First Tip

Rewards Network

Many people in the service industry rely on tips to survive. If you decide to tip someone in Japan or South Korea, you are likely going to insult them. Now, look me in the eyes while I go over this other insulting expression.


Now, Look Me In The Eyes… Or Don’t

Heroes Wikia

Now, look away if you’re going to France. Making eye contact is considered the first move towards a sexual encounter. Thumbs up if you understand, unless you’re down under.


Thumbs Up Your Bum


Never give someone a thumbs up while traversing the Outback in Australia. You’re unwittingly telling them to shove something “up your bum.” Shake your head side to side if you understand.


Yes Or No?

This Is Why I’m Broke

Nodding your head in Bulgaria means no. Shaking your head from side to side obviously translates to an affirmative. A vacation in Bulgaria can get confusing.


Running Right On Time

Post Grad Problems

Do you find yourself rushing in the morning only to be a few minutes late to work? Most countries consider it rude, but Argentinians expect a few minutes of tardiness.


Finger Foul

Thought Co

We like to cross our fingers as a sign of hope. Residents in Vietnam use this sign as a symbol of the female anatomy. You should also take caution when opening those fingers up to make a peace sign in some places.


Up Yours, Mate


Taking a selfie with a backward peace sign is quite common in the U.S. Our brethren in the U.K., Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand compare it to flipping the bird.


Finish Your Food… Almost


Eating everything on your plate is a compliment, implying your host’s meal was absolutely scrumptious. In Thailand, the Philippines, and Russia, however, you’re telling them they haven’t fed you enough.

Thailand has a one more important no-no to remember.


That’s A Good Lad


Buddhists believe a person’s soul resides in their head. When you feel the urge to pat that adorable Thai baby on the head, remember it’s rude to pat someone’s soul.


Taking A Taxi Or Calling A Canine?

The Daily Beast

New Yorkers wishing to hail a cab in South Korea be warned. Waving your arm with a palm out is exactly how they get the attention of dogs.

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