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16 Celelebrities That Believe In The Church Of Scientology



Scientology isn’t the most popular subject at the moment. Since Leah Remini’s tell-all-book and the HBO’s shocking Scientology documentary “Going Clear”. Regardless of this, there are many celebrities openly keeping their faith in the church of Scientology.

Although the most well known celebrity scientologists are Tom Cruise and John Travolta, there are plenty of other famous Hollywood faces that you would be surprised to see holding Scientology as a valuable part of their lives.

16. Kirstie Alley

The actress who rose to stardom following her role in the hit sitcom, ‘Cheers’, says the religion helped her overcome addiction. Alley, who was addicted to cocaine, understands the church of Scientology might sound strange. The actress has been part of the church for over thirty years and thinks that a lot of the rumors are exaggerated.

Alley says that half the crazy stuff that people hear about Scientology isn’t true. The actress has stated that she thinks that “probably all religions sound bizarre to the people who are not the practitioners of them“. In 2010, there were rumors that she was a front for Scientology through her weight loss programme, though she has since denied this claim.

15. Elisabeth Moss

Known for playing Peggy Olson on “Mad Men”, Moss was brought into the church of Scientology by her parents. After splitting from “Saturday Night Live” actor Fred Armisen, she said Scientology helped her move on.

Compared it to doing yoga or practicing Buddhism, Moss says it really helped her feel centered. She continued to explain that “Scientology is the one thing that helped me at times, and it’s kind of as simple as that“.

14. Danny Masterson

The actor, whose best known for playing Steven Hyde on “That ’70’s Show”, has been a member of the church of Scientology for many years. Masterson publicly defended Tom Cruise in 2008 when an embarrassing video concerning him and his faith leaked.

When interviewed for Paper magazine in 2009, the actor spoke about what exactly Scientology was. He defined Scientology as “the study of knowledge” and continued to explain that he felt as if he “had more knowledge in a given field, such as life, the more confident you are as a person“.

13. Erika Christensen

Known for being an obsessive seductress in “Swimfan” which was released in 2002. The actress now appears in the television show “Parenthood.” In 2004, in an interview with the New York Daily News, Erika explained her love for Scientology. The actress claimed that she discussed Scientology with Tom Cruise more than she spoke to him about acting.

Christensen says that scientology helped her thrive in Hollywood and helps her focus on communication within acting. “You can also develop an awareness of yourself“, she said. The actress continued to explain that she can now see people as spiritual beings.

12. Juliette Lewis

In an article in Vanity Fair, Lewis explained why Scientologists can not only celebrate their religion but can also celebrate Christmas.

People don’t understand a religion where you can be another religion but you can still practice Scientology“, the actress said. Lewis herself practices both Scientology and celebrates Christmas, explaining that Scientology is just tools for living. Lewis looks at scientology as a progressive religion.

11. Jason Lee

Carmen Llewellyn, the ex-wife of Jason Lee, reported that he is obsessed with Scientology which caused the couple to break up. She stated that Lee forced her to join the church.

In an interview with The National Enquirer, she recalled that she had a conversation with Tom Cruise about the Church in which he stated him and his wife Nicole were Scientologists. Llewellen said she interpreted the look Nicole gave to Tom to mean “I am not a Scientologist, and I will not be a Scientologist … and the next thing you know they’re divorcing

10. Tom Cruise

The most known celebrity of the Church of Scientology is of course Tom Cruise. The actor became involved with the church in 1990. He was introduced to the church through his ex-wife, Mimi Rogers. Cruise said he is privileged to call himself a Scientologist and that he has earned his place in the religious community.

Cruise has no doubt that Scientology is a genuine religion as it gives tools that he can apply to his life. In 2013, he admitted that ex-wife Katie Holmes did not want to be a member of the church and divorced him to protect their, Suri, who is no longer a member of the church.

9. Beck

The famed musician was raised as a Scientologist and has never left the church. In 2009, his concerts supported a known Scientology afflicted program called Educating Children International.

Beck defended the concert explaining that Scientology helps addicts resolve addictions and that is the benefit of being involved in the church. The singer stated: “They have a high success rate of getting drugs off 90-something percent maybe“. Maybe doesn’t sound too convincing, Beck.

8. Jenna Elfman

The actress who stared in “Dharma and Greg” once compared Scientologists to Christians who were persecuted in the Roman Age. The actress believes that Scientology has affected her in such a positive way.

Defending the religion, Elfman said “If someone starts talking to me negatively about something they’ve never studied then I don’t admire them much“. Elfman is still practicing Scientology to this day.

7. Dough E.Fresh

The rapper released in 2009 that he was part of the church of Scientology. He reported to Essence Magazine that he is the first Hip-Hop artist to do so. Fresh said he believes that everyone should join the church.

“It’s not just for white people,” he says. The rapper believes that Scientology is not written with disrespect to god as it doesn’t encourage something that is evil. Scientology, according to the rapper, is both mathematical, scientific and spiritual. Fresh said he encourages the black community to check it out but agrees the religion is not for everyone.

6. Nancy Cartwright

Not many people know this, but Nancy Cartwright is the voice of cartoon character Bart Simpson. She released a Youtube video explaining that religion makes her want to become a god.

The voice actress released a recording of herself encouraging people to attend a Scientology event in Los Angeles. Although this wouldn’t have been a problem if it was her own voice, Cartwright released the recording using the voice of the popular cartoon character, Bart Simpson. She then stated the recording was only meant to be heard by Scientologists.

5. John Travolta

Since 1975, John Travolta has been a practicing member of the church of Scientology after he was given one of L. Ron Hubbard’s books. In an interview with the Rolling Stone, Travolta said “As a Scientologist I have the technology to handle life’s problems and have used this to help others in life as well.”

Fellow actor Josh Brolin reported he had witnessed Travolta aiding someone first hand. The actor stated he watched Travolta aiding Marlon Brando at a dinner in LA. Claiming it was really bizarre to watch.

4. Kelly Preston

John Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston, is also a member of the church of Scientology. She is often seen at her husband’s side at the church’s events. After dealing with the tragic death of their teenage son in 2009, the actress stated the religion helped her deal with the traumatic event.

In Scientology it’s called ‘auditing’, it helps you address things in your life and strip them away“, Preston explained. She also said she is eternally grateful to those in the church that helped her through difficult times.

3. Peaches Geldof

The model, socialite and sometimes journalist was fascinated by Scientology and Physics, while denying her party-girl antics. In 2009, she released a statement admitting she had been a scientologist for a while.

The socialite said, “It’s like I was confused about what path I needed to go through“. She said she needed something, some kind of a spiritual path that the church provided. Peaches Geldof died of an overdose in April 2014.

2. Jerry Seinfield

Although never an active follower, the comedian studied the religion 30 years ago and stated that it has made him a funnier guy.

The comedian claimed he wasn’t a natural performer, and that he had to learn how to become one. Understanding Scientology, according to the funnyman, really helped him understand how to ‘invade’ the audience’s space.

1. Leah Remini

In 2014, Remini quit the church of Scientology after being a member for 30 years. The actress who is best known for her performance in “King of Queens”, quit after years of questioning how the religion treated its followers.

Remini confirmed her split from the church in an interview with People Magazine. The actress stated that she believes people should question things, and value their families and friendships. She said she refused to have people tell her how to think and live her life. After this interview, Remini received criticism from other celebrities who are currently members of the church.

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