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Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle’s Lives Before Becoming Royal Revealed In Rare Photos



A gorgeous brunette who captured the heart of a prince — the story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s whirlwind romance must feel familiar to her future sister-in-law Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. It wasn’t always tiaras, palaces and priceless jewels for this English beauty. She might be a seasoned royal now, but Kate Middleton’s life was completely different before her romance with Prince William and regal makeover transformed her into one of the most famous women on the planet.

Royal Bride-To-Be

It’s not as hard for American actress Meghan to remember her pre-Harry days. After all, the couple only started dating in the summer of 2016. But,not even her celebrity status could not have prepared her for the shock of dating a royal.

As we get set for another royal wedding, we take a look back at Kate and Meghan before they joined the most famous family in the world with some rare photographs from their past.

Idyllic Childhoods

Kate and Meghan’s childhoods were pretty different from those of their future husbands. Kate lived with her loving family in a Berkshire village just outside London, while Meghan grew up half the world away, in California.

While her parents were separated, Meghan has insisted they were still amazing parents, who made sure she knew she was loved.

She first got bitten by the acting bug when visiting her father, Thomas Markle, at the TV studio where he worked behind the camera.

Party Lovers

Before her royal life, Kate Middleton was regularly spotted hitting the clubs of West London with her friends and sister, Pippa.

More concerned with having a good time, carefree Kate always had a smile on her face, even as she stumbled into a taxi at the end of the night as shown in the above photo.

TV Star

Meghan Markle has definitely dialed down the uber-sexy persona she donned when she first started out in Hollywood.

Daily Mail

The ambitious actress’ big break came as a box-opener girl on Deal or No Deal. Can you imagine the queen’s expression if she turned up at the palace in that outfit?

Strike A Pose

Both Meghan and Kate tried their hand at modeling in their single days. Kate infamously caught William’s attention wearing a see-through dress at a charity fashion show at university, before posing for a country-chic style photoshoot.

As an actress, Meghan became a pro at posing in front of the camera and even had her own Instagram account until she began dating the prince. Hopefully, it will have given her some good training to deal with the paparazzi, who follow the royals everywhere.

Cetus News

We doubt Prince Harry is too worried about any shocking pictures being released of his future wife. After all, he had his own naked photo scandal after stripping at a party in Las Vegas in 2013.

Fashion Fails

It’s good to know that even Kate Middleton gets it wrong sometimes. Kate was definitely a follower of high-street rather than high-fashion and looked like anyone else in her jeans and vest top.

Some of her looks haven’t aged well. The low-slung jeans and stomach-flashing tops should definitely stay in the noughties where they belong.

Hollywood Sex Symbol

Meghan has definitely dialed down her sexy image since going public with her romance with Harry, but before that, the Suits star had no problem rocking a daring look on the red carpet.


Who could have guessed one day they would live out every girl’s fantasy and marry a prince?

Walk of Fame

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