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Follow These 10 Steps to Host an Amazing Friendsgiving



Friendsgiving, once celebrated only by millennials too broke to travel home the fourth week of November, has grown almost into a tradition of its own. Some “framilies” even schedule their gathering on a different day so as not to conflict with family Thanksgiving plans.

Here’s a helpful guide to hosting, so you can show your friends how grateful you are that you’re not ~actually~ related to them.

1. Decide on Details

Determine whether you want to host your get-together on Thanksgiving Day or, if most of your crew won’t be around, pick another date (like the weekend before – it feels anti-climactic after the actual holiday). Depending on your space and how many guests you expect, also consider whether you’d prefer to host a potluck or do most of the cooking yourself.

friendsgiving outdoors

2. Plan the Guest List

Traditionally, Friendsgiving is a way to celebrate for those who can’t travel home. Definitely invite any “transplants” in your circle, who may have moved away from family and likely won’t be trekking to their hometown for the holiday.

friends thanksgiving

3. Send Invitations

Sure, people need to know the event details like when and where. But the host also needs to get an accurate headcount (or as close as possible – flexibility is key) to pull off a proper party. Look for digital invites that you can customize, or use a service that lets guests RSVP, sign up to bring a dish, and even receive electronic reminders as the event approaches.


4. Set the Scene

Incorporate seasonal décor to inspire cozy fall vibes. If you’re on a budget, look for easy DIY projects or hit up thrift stores for vintage finds to give your space an eclectic, festive feel without breaking the bank.

thanksgiving table

5.  Plan the Menu

You can go traditional with the turkey and sides, put a modern twist on dishes, or a mix of both. Consider your crew and try to include at least a few options for vegetarians or anyone with food allergies. Consider writing up the menu on a big chalkboard or creating buffet signs to place near each item.

menu sign

6. Create a Signature Cocktail

Stock your bar with the basics and plenty of ice, beer, and wine. For a memorable touch, create a signature drink that guests can enjoy as they arrive. Ideally, pick something you can make a big batch of! Try spiked hot apple cider, which will also make the whole house smell amazing.

apple cider

7. Shop Early

Most major grocery chains will carry all the staples you need this time of year. Beat the crowds by picking up pantry items and frozen foods as early as possible. Costco is a good option for bulk discounts and alcohol. If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with year-round farmers markets, consider sourcing fresh produce there closer to the event.

farmers market

8. Prep, Freeze, Repeat

In the weeks leading up to your party, prepare any menu items that can be cooked ahead of time and frozen, then thawed and re-heated before serving. Many recipes can be at least partially prepared in advance, so this can be a huge time-saver!

meal prep

9. Delegate Duties

Even if you’re not having a potluck, you can still crowd-source a few smaller items like appetizers or desserts from trusted friends. Delegating some day-of duties can also help: ask a music-loving friend to make a playlist or see if anyone is willing to bar tend during cocktail hour.


10. Plan Some Friendsgiving Entertainment

Bust out a fun party game or stream a classic holiday flick. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the quality time with your framily. After all, friends are like relatives you get to choose.

movie wonderful life

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