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10 Heartthrobs From The 80’s, Where Are They Now?



Everyone focuses so much on the 90’s, that they forget that the 80’s produced some of the most classic movies. Not only that, there were so many cute young guys during this time that we all swooned over! Some of those 80’s stars went on to be A-list actors such as Johnny Deep and Tom Cruise.

While the actors on this list were successful and certainly got nice paychecks, they kept quiet in the 2000’s. Some lost their heartthrob looks, some got hotter but either way, we will still remember them for their original roles. The Brat Pack dominated the 80’s and gave us beautiful men who made good posters to hang on bedroom walls. It seems the best way to get famous in the 80’s was to star in a John Hughes film and the majority on this list did!

We fell in love with these men in the 80’s but where are they now? #6’s story is so sad!

10. Rob Lowe

David Mcgough/Mike Coppola/Getty Images

David Mcgough/Mike Coppola/Getty Images

He was a very cute 19-year-old when he debuted in the 1983 movie, The Outsiders with Emilio Estevez ad we continued to swoon over the heartthrob when he was cast in the 1985 coming-of-age film, St. Elmo’s Fire. These two movies got Rob Lowe membership into the “Brat Pack”, which was used to describe a group of young actors/actresses who kept acting alongside each other in teen-oriented movies in the 80’s.

The actor had a good acting reputation up until 1988 when he made headlines after a sex tape of him with two girls was leaked and it turned out one of the girls was underage (she was 16). Lowe wasn’t so loved after that but he still continued his acting career well into the 90’s after recovering in rehab for a drug addiction. Starring in the TV show, West Wing, (1996) helped him get his good reputation back and stayed with the show for 4 seasons. Now we love seeing him play our favorite characters on the television shows, Parks and Recreation and Grindr. 

9. Judd Nelson

Universal Pictures/Michael Bezjian/Wire Image

Michael Bezjian/Wire Image

I don’t care how many movies Judd Nelson was in, he will always be remembered as the badass John Bender who won the good girl’s heart (Claire Standish played by Molly Ringwald). Just like Rob Lowe, he made his career as being part of the infamous 80’s Brat Pack for his roles in The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. Since those popular 80’s movies, Nelson has been starring and appearing in films and TV shows, most notable Suddenly Susan. More recently, the actor played a minor role in Empire and we will see him in the movie Billionaire Boys Club. 

8. Emilio Estevez

Universal Pictures/Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Another Brat Pack actor of the 80’s, Emilio Estevez is best known for his character in the hit John Hughes’ movie The Breakfast Club. Unlike his father Martin Sheen and brother Charlie Sheen, Emilio did not change his name to sound more American but his Hispanic last name did not affect his acting career as he still went on to be successful. In his Brat Pack years, Emilio made his name known by starring in St. Elmo’s Fire, Young Guns, The Outsiders, and Repo Man. 

He continued acting well into the 90’s, most notably his role in the successful Disney movie, The Mighty Ducks and even went on to direct a couple of TV series like Criminal Minds. With his film, Wisdom, Emilio became the youngest person to ever direct, write and star in a single major motion picture. The actor isn’t one to like being in the public’s attention and is currently managing a vineyard in Malibu with his wife Sonja Magdevski.

7. Kiefer Sutherland

Columbia Pictures/Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Kiefer Sutherland is one of those 80’s actors that is more famous for his current acting roles rather than his older. Most people nowadays see Sutherland and immediately associate him with his Jack Bauer, the counter-terrorism agent he played in for eight seasons (and a mini-series which counts as the ninth season). He did win an Emmy, Golden Globe, and two SAG awards for being Jack Bauer so it isn’t surprising that that is what he is famous for.

Kiefer, who is the son of the famed actor Donald Sutherland, became known in Hollywood after playing the bully in the movie Stand By Me and then went on the larger roles such as playing a teenage vampire in the Lost Boys. He starred in a lot of movies here and there up until being cast in 24. Since that took a lot of his time, Kiefer didn’t appear too much in other films and TV shows.

6. Corey Haim

Time Life Pictures/

Corey Haim was a childhood actor who began acting at the age of 10 in a Canadian TV series, The Edison Twins but became more known two years later when he was cast in the movie the First Born alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. His breakout role, though, was playing the lead character, of the same name, in the coming-of-age movie Lucas in 1986 and not too long after that ended, he was cast in the popular movie The Lost Boys. 

That is when he met his long time best friend, Corey Feldman, whom he did a couple of more movies with and the “two Coreys” ended up being the highest paid teen stars in the 80’s. Unfortunately, like many childhood stars, Haim started doing drugs like cocaine, along with Feldman but Haim eventually became addicted to prescription drugs. From there, he was in and out of rehabs and the public was slowly forgetting that cute teenage boy from the 80’s. Haim attempted suicide many times and although, his best friend tried to help him, it was inevitable. In 2014, the actor, who had a genetic heart condition and bad lungs, died when he contracted pneumonia.

5. Corey Feldman

Epics/Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

As we know, Corey Feldman was a popular and high paid teen idol in the 80’s with his best friend Corey Haim. Besides acting in the Lost Boys, he is also known for his roles in the movies Stand By Me, The Goonies, and the Gremlins. Feldman was also in a rock band called the “Truth Moment” and while they released a couple of albums, his fame came more from his acting.

Like Haim, Feldman struggled with drug abuse but was able to turn his life around when he eventually quit. In 2007, “The Two Coreys” created their own reality TV show named after their nickname but it didn’t last very long due to Corey Haim’s drug addiction. In 2013, he released a memoir titled Coreyography, where he talked about his drug addiction, his best friend, and his sexual abuse. Recently he has been voicing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle character Slash and is currently acting in the 2016 movie Corbin Nash.

4. Kevin Bacon

Jack Mitchell/Getty Images/JMA/Star Max

Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

This heartthrob danced his way into our hearts after starring in Footloose in 1984 and has been a fan of the media ever since (especially since he appeared on the cover of People Magazine!). Kevin Bacon became really successful after Footloose but he also dealt with the common Hollywood problem of typecasting. Bacon tried to get roles that weren’t similar to his Diner and Footloose characters but since that really wasn’t what everyone wanted he had a bit of a dry spell.

In 1988, he married the actress Kyra Sedgwick and has two kids with her. When Kevin Bacon, in an interview, mentioned that he has worked with everyone in Hollywood or, at least, with someone who had worked with a person, a trivia game came out called “six degrees of separation” based on the theory that everyone is connected to each other by 6 or fewer degrees. Recently, (as of last year) the actor and musician starred in and produced the TV series, The Following. 

3. Michael J. Fox

Gary Null/Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Gary Null/Andrew Toth/Getty Images

In the 80’s, Michael J. Fox became memorable playing the character Alex P. Keaton in Family Ties (1982-1989) and, of course, Marty McFly in Back to the Future. He won three Emmys and a Gold Globe for playing Alex Keaton so Fox definitely was successful in the 80’s. Fox married his Family Ties co-star, Tracy Pollan in 1988 and they now have four children together.

He continued to be so in the 90’s when he starred in the TV series Spin City for which he won an Emmy, two SAG awards, and three Golden Globes. After the series ended in 2001, he took a semi-break from his acting career because his Parkinson’s disease (he was diagnosed in 1991) worsened. Fox still kept acting in minor roles in TV shows and movies while becoming an advocate for finding a Parkinson’s cure, starting the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

2. Andrew McCarthy

Paramount Pictures/Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

After watching Pretty In Pink, we all wish we were Andie (Molly Ringwald) so that we could make out with Blane (Andrew McCarthy) in front of a car outside of Prom. Andrew McCarthy is your classic boy-next-door guy and that’s exactly the kind of characters he played. He was 18 when he landed his breakout role in the 1983 movie Class and eventually made his way into the Brat Pack when he acted in St. Elmo’s Fire and John Hughes’ movie.

McCarthy went on to star in the box office hits, Less Than Zero, and Mannequin. Of all the other actors in the Brat Pack, he was the more reserved one, staying out of headlines and the party scene. He still continued to act and did some theatrical work, which won him a Tony Award. Now, he appears in TV shows such as White Collar, Law and Order, and Royal Pains. 

1. Richard Grieco

Robin Platzer/Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Robin Platzer/Getty Images

Now this is an 80’s heartthrob that may not have gotten as much attention since he co-starred with a sexy Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street. Before his acting career, though, Richard Grieco was a model for Calvin Klein and Chanel until he left his modeling career to act in the soap opera, One Life to Live. After 21 Jump Street, he starred in the spinoff series, Brooker but it only lasted one season.

In 2014, he reprised his role as Brooker in the movie 22 Jump Street. Grieco acted in a lot of films in the 90’s, including his debut film, If Looks Could Kill and in the popular movie Mobsters. In 2004, decided to focus on his music and formed the band, Wasteland Park but still kept up with his acting, appearing in movies and TV shows.

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