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Opinion: What Donald Trump Stands for



Donald Trump, the Republican candidate to the presidency of the Untied States, did not start out as a politician. Long before his surprising performance in the Republican primaries, Trump was best known as a New York City real estate developer, and later, as host and co-producer of the NBC reality television program, The Apprentice.

Donald Trump's campaign

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Prior to his entry into the presidential race in 2015, Trump had already flirted with the presidential race a few times. He had also considered running for the governorship of New York in 2006 and 2014. In his earlier dalliances with politics – as in his current bid for the White House – Trump has positioned himself as a populist candidate.

Trump’s specific proposals throughout the Republican primaries followed a populist standard of being heavy on rhetoric, but light on specifics. His signature campaign proposal involved building a wall along the United State’s southern border to stem the influx of illegal immigrants that enter the country from Mexico.

donald trump's campaign

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Other broad proposals espoused by Trump included applying protectionist trade policies for the purpose of reestablishing the dominance that American manufacturing once had. He has also proposed non-interventionist based foreign policy initiatives. In general, Trump has presented himself as an “America first,” anti-establishment candidate. This can best be exemplified by his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

His lack of specific proposals on foreign policy, the economy, defense and other issues have made him a target for criticism and suspicion by the conservative and establishment wings of the Republican party, along with his political opponent, Hillary Clinton. This, in turn, has cemented further his populist zeal.

Donald Trump's Campaign

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Moving forward from the Republican convention — and with the advice of new key campaign staff, such as Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway – Trump has polished his campaigning and with it his message. Heading into the final stretch of the 2016 presidential election, the following key points can be described as constituting Trump’s stance on key issues facing the country.

Health Care

– Trump favors repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a free market model that would allow competition between insurers to lower premiums.

– Expand the use of health savings accounts

– Making insurance premiums fully deductible against federal income taxes


– Trump has voiced being against “Common Core” standards and is a proponent of school choice.

– He has suggested trimming down the Department of Education and returning a larger role to state and local governments.


– Trump is a staunch proponent of increasing border security while simultaneously applying increased levels of scrutiny and vetting to those individuals seeking to enter the country legally.


– Trump proposes lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% for the purpose of stimulating the economy and off-setting capital outflows to countries with more “tax friendly” environments.

– The amplification of the “zero rate” for individuals making below a predetermined annual income.

– The lowering of the top personal tax rate to 25%.

– While continuing to describe himself as a free trader, Trump has suggested loosely at increasing tariffs on imports, especially from China and Mexico.

– Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement among Pacific Rim countries and the United States.

Taken as a whole, the classification of Trump’s proposals can be said to be focused inwardly. His economic proposals are the most protectionist than those offered by any other candidate in recent memory. Likewise, on social and security issues, the focus of his stance is inward – concentrating on stronger security and a decreasing role in outward foreign ventures. This formula has created a substantial populist following for Trump. Whether this is enough to get him to the White House, the world will know in November.

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