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When you go shopping, you usually tend to not look for anything because you are “leisurely taking a stroll in a store”. But when something catches your eye, you automatically see how amazing it is and how fabulous it would look in your closet. I know not many women think this because I certainly had to go through many bucks lost until I began to ask myself “Do I need this? Or do I just want this?”. Most of the time, we just want that item. Wanting something isn’t the same as needing something. Regardless of the small moments where one pleases themselves with buying things they love because they absolutely want them, here are some basic pieces every wardrobe should have in stock.

1. The Jeans

Finding the perfect jeans is one of the hardest things to look for. Plenty of stores stock piles and piles of jeans that end up being disorganized by the time you reach the store. Thus, making it extremely difficult to find the right color, pair, and size. Jeans, especially dark washed jeans, can pass as a casual look on any style or if you pair them up with a nice shirt and some heels, it could even look semi-formal. You can pair anything with jeans. Let it be dark wash jeans, black jeans, skinny jeans, boot leg jeans, straight jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, light washed jeans, indigo jeans; ANY jean is perfect. The only non-perfect thing about jeans is that you can’t find the right size or the size does not flatter your body. That’s why it is always best to grab as many pairs as you can when head for the dressing rooms because you don’t want to keep going out to look for a different size. When trying on any pairs of jeans, try them on while sitting because when you are in a sitting position, you can see if the back is too low or just right. You might feel ridiculous but it saves you from spending money on a pair that you will have to return later on.


2. The Coat

Coats of any style just make any outfit look more put together and chic. A strap on a coat gives it the ability to accentuate your waist and therefore, you don’t lose your womanly curves underneath the bulky warmth. If you don’t use the strap to accentuate your waist because the piece of clothing you have under is already fit to your body, tie the strap behind you in a bow. Having a variety of coats makes a common bland outfit like jeans and a tee stand out. For example, if you have a yellow coat, you can pair it with items that are less bright and more on the neutral side. When you take off the coat, you are still dressed for season and your outfit alone stands perfect by itself as well.


3. The Little Black Dress

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the fashion world was introduced to the Little Black Dress. The LBD has allowed women to have a little bit of both worlds, the masculine and the feminine, in one clothing item. When looking for a LBD, you have a wide range of styles and cuts you can choose from, but if it’s the first time looking for one, I advise you to go with a more classic piece. When buying a LBD, it is recommend that you try it on at home (check the store’s return policy) because at home, you have the ability to pair your dress with the shoes of your choice and sometimes, your home has better lighting than the ones in the dressing rooms at the store. A LBD should be short (hence the Little), but not too short because you don’t want your bum cheeks to pop out. When trying on your dress, make different positions like sit down to make sure the hem doesn’t rise up too much, or if you’re going dancing practice some moves to make sure you’ll be comfortable. A LBD should make you feel sexy but also comfortable.


4. The Boots

Boots of any sort are an essential piece in a wardrobe because they are very versatile. By having boots in your closet, you have the opportunity for one, comfortable walking even if they are heeled boots. Two, when the ground is wet or when it’s raining, your feet stay nice, warm, and dry. Three, they are plain stylish. Boots are like heels. There are different heel sizes, styles, colors, lengths… But having a pair of boots gives you an option that regular sneakers, heels, or flats can’t give you. Boots can make you feel taller and leaner because the cut of the boot leg sticks to your leg which makes your legs in fact look longer. Also, when you don’t want to wear heels but still want to hear the clanking of a heel hitting the floor, a boot can give you this but also comfort unlike a stiletto would. When looking for a pair of boots, it is important to make sure that the boot isn’t damageable because you would want to be able to wear them in the rain and any rough weather condition.


5. The Blouse / The Button Down

The Blouse or the Button Down are versatile almost like every single piece listed above. Finding blouses are one of the easiest things to find because you’re just looking for a shirt that either has some style with embellishments or it’s a plain blouse. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the blouse is not too sheer because whatever is visible underneath will be highlighted. When checking if it’s too sheer, place your hand under the shirt and make sure there is some contrast between the shirt and your hand. If it’s clearly see through, then that’s too much sheer. On the other hand, button downs are quite the opposite of being easy to find. If you tend to have a more rigid touch face shape, you have to find button downs that are flimsy and fit because if they are loose or tough, your face becomes the center of attention and it could be unflattering. Thus, when trying on button downs, look at the shape of your face first and that’s how you can decide if you should go with flimsy/tough or fit/loose.



6. The Skirt

Plenty of women don’t feel comfortable wearing a skirt because they feel like too much of their body is exposed for the wrong reasons. Some may feel like their hips pop out too much or their “chicken” legs are more visible. Whatever the reason, less and less women wear skirts. There are no excuses ladies. Mini skirts aren’t the only skirts out there. There are maxi skirts for petite women who wish to look taller, there are body con skirts for women who wish to emphasis their hips, there are flared skirts for women who wish to hide their hips. All it takes is time and patience to find the right one. Just like searching for the right pair of jeans. You have to go through many different kinds in order to find the size, style, and fit that is meant for you. Now if you’re not a fan, then it’s best that you buy classic neutral skirts because they become more versatile and when you need to wear them, all you need is a top and you’re ready to go.


7. The White Tee

When a woman thinks of a white tee, you picture a skin tight bright shirt that highlights your body in all the wrong places. Now any female of any age would feel insecure about that. This is why, you should buy tees with a more slouchy style. They’re not over-sized but they’re not tight either. They are just in the middle. Right in the middle shirts are ones that lie comfortably on your body. Having a basic classic white and black tee can aid anyone who is in a rush. You can basically layer anything on top of white and black and you will look perfect but yet effortless. Just make sure when you own a white tee, to check the armpits because the mixture of sweat and deodorant give the armpits a yellowish discoloration that is most definitely not flattering.


8. The Heels

Must I say a lot about heels? I don’t think so because if you do not know already. Heels flatter every girl’s legs extensively. By making them longer and/or leaner. Heels make any girl look even more beautiful than they already are. Just make sure you’re comfortable and that you have worn them in enough by the time you decide to take them out to an important event like a dance, meeting, or date. If you’re just starting to wear heels, start with a kitten heel then work your way up through an inch, two, three, and so on until you hit the stiletto. Neat trick is to find heels with a platform, either hidden or visible, because platforms provide stability to the feet which make it easier to walk in.


9. The Blazer

A blazer is needed in any closet because it is the one item that screams business. There are now many different styles and colors of blazers but a classic, fit, neutral blazer is an essential. Without even trying, you can just add the blazer to your outfit and you already look professional. For formal/ work environments, it is advised to wear a fitted blazer but for casual everyday looks, a more colorful or loose blazer is more fun to wear and also acceptable.




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