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Check Out the Actual Locations of Iconic Film and TV Houses



Think of your favorite movie or television show… Chances are, your favorite pieces of film took place inside some sort of home, and there’s a possibility that that home is real and still stands today! These houses are memorable and out-of-this-world. At least, the stories that took place there are! These amazing buildings housed some of our very favorite actors… We love to see the real things! Check out these 25 iconic houses from film and television:

25. Desperate Housewives

“As Susan left her driveway, she had a feeling she was being watched, and she was. The ghosts of people who had been a part of Wisteria Lane were gazing upon her as she passed…”

tv houses

Wisteria Lane is the fictional street where the families of Desperate Housewives live. The house is actually located on a set in the Universal Studios Hollywood back-lot, and is not actually called Wisteria Lane, but rather Colonial Street. You may also recognize it from Leave it to Beaver and Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

24. Friends

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way…” But that’s okay, because all of your friends live in this same apartment building at the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village, New York!

tv houses

This building is a huge tourist destination in New York City, and can be visited relatively easily! Not to mention, it’s one of hundreds of TV and movie sights in the city!

23. The Amityville Horror

“We swear, the house isn’t actually haunted.” -the real owners of this New Jersey scary movie home.

tv houses

This iconic house was built in the 1920s and is a huge tourist destination come every Halloween! The house recently went on sale for $955,000 because the owners got divorced, not because it’s haunted, *they swear*.

22. Ironman

Tony Stark’s house is absolutely stunning in the Ironman films, and guess what, it actually exists! The house is located in La Jolla Cliffs, California.

tv houses

Don’t go looking for a super technologically updated residence, however, as that part of the house is still a fantasy. The beautiful seaside views, on the other hand, are a reality!

21. Dexter

Ah… Dexter’s Palm Terrace apartment, located in a sunny Bay Harbor Club condo in Miami Beach, Florida. This is the apartment that appears in nearly every episode during the 1st season!

tv houses, Photo by Guillaume Capron

Though most of the show takes place in California, Dexter’s apartment is in Florida, and this is where the heart of the show’s action actually happens!

20. Twilight

Who remembers the beautiful Cullen house? No dark, holed up coffins for these vampires! The Cullens have a beautiful glass home, full of nature and sunshine.

tv houses

The Cullens are extremely wealthy, so they own the most luxurious house in all of Vancouver. It’s extremely gorgeous, both inside and out!

19. Ferris Bueller

“BUELLER!!!” There are tons of hilariously funny scenes that happen inside these walls, guaranteeing that they don’t remain upright. If you remember, this is the house where Cameron Frye completely totaled his dad’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder convertible!

tv houses

The Highland Park, Illinois house originally sold for $1 million, and the owner lived there for about 5 years. Despite how beautiful the house is now, though, nobody is willing to buy it! The owner had it at an asking price of $2.3 million, but there were no takers!

18. Sleepless in Seattle

We smell a rom-com… This beautiful houseboat is located off of Westlake Avenue North in Lake Union, Seattle. The boat is picture perfect, and quite the setting for any romantic endeavors!

tv houses

The houseboat no longer belongs to Tom Hanks, though! In 2014, it sold for over $2 million, and is now being used as a part-time summer home by the current owner.

17. The Wonder Years

“I get by with a little help from my friends…” This wonderful house is located in Burbank, California, but it no longer belongs to Kevin Arnold!

tv houses

The current owners of the house have lived there since 1987, and they’re perfectly normal folks! If you ever want to drive by, though, make sure to wave for us!

16. The Brady Bunch

“Here’s the story of a lovely lady…” This house is absolutely legendary, and it’s still standing on Dilling Street in North Hollywood, California!

tv houses


The producers picked this particular home because it looks middle class and relatable, and we can agree! Of course, lots of fans kept letting themselves in, so the owner had a fence placed all around the house.

15. Roseanne

Who remembers this iconic 1990s home? We do! You might remember some of the shenanigans that happened here, involving actors like John Goodman!

tv houses, Photo by Nikonian Novice

In 2013, this house sold for $129,000, a fairly reasonable price for such an iconic piece of television history! Even Dan Conner would approve!

14. The Munsters

You all know this place! 1313 Mockingbird Lane! This iconic location, located on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot, was home to the Munsters family!

tv houses and

The house was originally used for the film So Goes My Love, then went under a million dollar renovation and became The Munsters home! The second story has also been used for television series such as Desperate Housewives.

13. Downton Abbey

This gigantic castle, named Highclere Castle, is located in Hampshire, England! Can you just imagine the Crawley family walking around in those hallways?

tv houses

Downton Abbey, the extremely successful period drama, has been filming here since the very beginning! The castle and its gardens are now closed to the general public, but they may reopen someday!

12. Full House

This amazing house is located on Broderick Street in San Francisco, only about a mile’s walk away from Alamo Square!

tv houses

All of your favorite characters spent plenty of time in this home! Bob Saget even returned to it in 2013, but said that he found the experience “creepy.”

11. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

“Now this is a story all about how my life got flip-turned upside down!” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the house of Bel-Air! Erm, well, actually it’s in Brentwood, but it’s still amazing!

tv houses

This house has got everything – 34 rooms, a waterslide that will drop you directly into the pool… It’s fully loaded! If you’ve ever wanted to live here, you’re in luck because the house is currently on sale for $22 million!

10. Christmas Vacation

Before you ask, no, the house isn’t this wildly decorated all year long. But, it is real! Even though the movie takes place in Chicago, the house is actually situated in Los Angeles.

tv houses

Most of the filming actually happened in Los Angeles, with a couple of shots taking place in Colorado. You can still see this house up today on the Warner Bros. backlot in California!

9. Beetlejuice

“Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice… Beetlejuice…” Watch out! The movie may take place in Connecticut, but the actual house is situated in East Corinth, Vermont.

tv houses

You remember that big ol’ house on the hill, right? Unfortunately, it’s no longer there. It was built for the movie and then torn down! Who wouldn’t want to live in such a special building?

8. Poltergeist

Steven Spielberg hand-picked this very house for the movie Poltergeist because he said that it fit the suburban feel that he was going for in the film… Creepy!

tv houses

The house, located in Simi Valley, California, is now officially in “Spielbergia,” as the residents got so excited about the filming that they re-named the whole area!

7. Forrest Gump

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” and this house is like, well, not a real house. We all remember the beautiful story of Forrest and his life in Greenbow, Alabama!

tv houses

Unfortunately, the house was built specifically for the movie and “hastily and not to code,” so it was torn down immediately after the movie finished filming. Also, it’s actually located in South Carolina!

6. Nightmare on Elm Street

Back in the 80s, this film ensured that we would all have nightmares, and super creepy ones at that! It’s hard to forget the red door from all of those iconic slasher scenes.

tv houses, Photo by Liam

In 2013, the house underwent a huge renovation to ensure that it would no longer cause any nightmares and sold for $2.1 million!

5. The Goonies

“Goonies never say die!” And this house never says die, either! Astoria has now become a huge American pop culture landmark, with many fans trying to get a glimpse of this memorable home.

tv houses, Photo by Destination Astoria

The owner of the house, Sandy Preston, doesn’t quite appreciate the tourism, however, and says that it’s becoming harder and harder every day to peacefully live her life. #sigh

4. Notting Hill

You guys remember this classic rom-com, right? Then you’ll definitely remember Hugh Grant living inside this apartment!

tv houses, Photo by Nikos Roussos

The director of this film, Richard Curtis, actually lived in this apartment! The interiors were shot on a sound stage, but the apartment is actually located on Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, London! After the movie’s success, Curtis sold the apartment and got a bigger house. Good for him!

3. Psycho

Bet you’re hearing that iconic theme song now, right? This might be one of the most well-known houses ever, with it’s iconic residents Norman Bates (and Mrs. Bates, sort of ).

tv houses

The house is located on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot, and has also been featured in film such as Murder She Wrote and Big Momma’s House!

2. Gone with the Wind

“As God is my witness…” so is this house real! You can find Tara, the iconic Gone with the Wind plantation just slightly more than 30 minutes south of Atlanta!

tv houses

You can find the “Official Home of Gone With the Wind” in Clayton County, Georgia, where much of the novel is set. There aren’t actually any rooms inside, though, but it makes for a great photo!

1. Home Alone

In 1990, a lovely couple, Cynthia and John Abendshien, decided to let the cast and crew of Home Alone use their home to shoot their famous comedy movie.

tv houses

They had no idea that the movie would become so big and iconic! In 2012, the home sold for $1.6 million. Imagine living in that home? Wow!

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