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Turns Out These Conspiracy Theories Were True All Along!



All of us have that one friend that is obsessed with conspiracy theories. You know, the one that is constantly commenting on how the government is hiding proof of aliens from us, that 9/11 was all one big setup, and that there is something sketchy floating around in the water we drink. Well, this friend was definitely right, but only about some of the conspiracy theories. Here are 30 true conspiracy theories:

30. Mind control experiments are run by the CIA

There once was a project called Project MKUltra, which as you can probably assume, was a bit shady.  What’s crazy about it in particular, is that it performed mind-control and drug experiments on civilians…#noshame.

conspiracy theories

Now all of this was only revealed in 1975, after countless complaints and suspicions, eventually leading to research and meetings that followed the incident. Busted!

29. The CIA cleared the records of Nazi scientists to be recruited by the government

Preceding Project MKUltra, Project Paperclip was a CIA project that completely cleared the records of physicists, mathematicians, and statisticians and such from the Nazi party, so that they could legally work for the U.S. (that’s a pleasant thought, right?).

conspiracy theories

The operation’s name derived from the paperclips that secured their new identification details to their files. We’re assuming that you weren’t aware that some of the United States’ most crucial scientific research works were made by scientists from this horrific party.

28. The IRS has been politically targeting people

In 2013, there was the whole IRS targeting controversy, and it had been disclosed (later, obviously) that the IRS had not been inclusive of various conservative groups, and in turn, this move forced them to experience a serious amount of scrutiny and criticism.

conspiracy theories

Dimitrios Stefanidis/Istock

Well, it turns out that this was true the entire time, but was only a matter of time before officially being declared as such. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Hold on tight, this next one will make you slightly uncomfortable…

27. The NSA is closely listening to you

This one is probably the least surprising of them all. With the recent NSA scandal that came out as a result of Eric Snowden’s work, there had been a rapid increase in involvement worldwide.

conspiracy theories

It turns out that it wasn’t so far-fetched to believe that the NSA is actually tapping into your phone calls, and listening closely. How safe do you feel now?

26. The US is secretly selling weapons to Iran

Today this operation is referred to as the Iran-Contra affair. It was disclosed during Reagan’s second term, that senior officials were, in fact, clandestinely doing some trading work with Iran, while simultaneously providing the funds for the Contras in Nicaragua (two-timing, much?).

conspiracy theories

How shady is that? Although, given the way that the world is looking lately, this shouldn’t be a huge shocker. This next one, however, is a bit more shocking…

25. Scientologists have a sketchy agenda

Have you ever heard of Operation Snow White? It’s a name describes a huge infiltration operation that was carried out by the Church of Scientology in over 30 countries. They wanted to clear up some dirt that they had on them, prior to them getting busted.

conspiracy theories

Even today, Operation Snow White is still considered to be the biggest infiltration of the US government to ever be recorded to date. Pretty sketchy, huh?

24. There are secret prisons owned by the CIA

These not-so-secret prisons are called “black sites”, and these satan-inspired areas existed long before President Bush finally said something about their existence in 2006.

conspiracy theories

NGOs and human rights groups were the first organizations to even mention them, and they all insisted time after time that secret prisons were a thing, faaaaaar before they were ever talked about publicly.

23. The KGB had some involvement in Kennedy’s assassination

A former KGB official was sent to the UK in 1992, and he brought with him several documents, that are currently known as the Mitrokhin Archive. So, no, this didn’t unfold in the way you probably are assuming it did.

conspiracy theories

One of the most important aspects of this secret set of documents, was the fact that the KGB deliberately tried to spread lies about the whole incident, which was the root of the conspiracy theory around it. How weird is that?

22. The US began fighting in Vietnam due to a “ghost attack”

If you’re American, then you’ve probably heard about the Gulf of Tonkin incident that took place in 1964, when multiple Vietnamese ships started to shoot on American ships, initiating the conflict. This was the declaration of war between the U.S. and Vietnam (uh-oh).

conspiracy theories

What actually had happened, though, was that American vessels fired on something they had assumed was an enemy vessel that night, and reacted in accordance to that assumption. I mean, wouldn’t you have done the same if you were in that ship?

21. The WWE is staged and scripted

So this probably isn’t the biggest shocker, but in 2013, a reddit user with the name Dolphins1925, started making posts with the names of the winners for every match just before it started…strange, right?

conspiracy theories

In case you were in need of any proof to a fan of this mess, well, this is it. There’s no other way that anyone can know who the winner is before the fact. So, next time someone tells you otherwise, show them this article.

20. The CIA has an influence on the media

Operation Mockingbird was the nickname of a clandestine campaign that began in the 1950’s by the CIA, of course. This operation had the intention of influencing the media directly. This freaked out nearly every citizen of the United States, and rightfully so.

conspiracy theories

Alex Wong/Getty Images

I mean, who knows what the implications of that could be? What if that means brainwashing? No one actually specified in what way that came into fruition, but it’s still disturbing.

19. Wealthy businessmen are attempting to overthrow the US government

In what is now referred to as the Business Plot, Major General Smedley Butler disclosed before congress that multiple businessmen were trying to recruit him, in order to overthrow the government, creating a secret dictatorship of some kind.



The government ignored the claim at first, accusing him of hearsay, and no one was blamed for the incident. However, a majority of historians agree that  at the end of the day, what was strange about this whole story, was that there was some talk about plot.

18. The FBI is conspiring against civil activists

In 1971, when COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgram) had been run as an FBI project, with the intention of revealing the lack of merit, and infiltrating several political organizations. This story was originally supposed to remain secret.

conspiracy theories

So, in time, the secret got out and now everyone knows what the FBI’s agenda is regarding civil activists around the country.

17. Propaganda is what started the Gulf War

Nayirah was the name of a girl who  testified before congress about how Iraqi soldiers were robbing Kuwaiti hospitals and killing their infants. It was later revealed that her full name was Nayirah al-Sabah, and that she was the child of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US.

conspiracy theories

It was also released to the public that the story about Iraqi soldiers killing babies was completely made up. The Kuwaiti government just wanted to mess with the U.S. to get a rise out of them, and, boy, did they get a rise out of them.

16. The President abuses his power to spy on people bully his opponents

Due to the Watergate scandal that happened just before, this theory was born into a reality. The Nixon administration was initially accused of listening in on their opponents, as well as abusing the FBI, and other national organizations.

conspiracy theories

Well, no one is that stupid, because as soon as they were busted, the Supreme Court ordered the the Nixon administration to give away their proof, which, in turn, caused Nixon’s resignation.

15. French soldier Alfred Dreyfus had been framed

14. The government planned terrorist attacks on its own nation

There was a plan put out by the Department of Defense called Operation Northwoods, that was started in order to stage terrorist attacks on American civilians, as well as to blame the Cuban government by framing them.

conspiracy theories

The Kennedy administration quickly rejected the idea, and now everyone knows that it turns out to be true that the government is staging terrorist attacks. Great.

13. The government withholds medications from people are in need of them

This operation took place in 1972, and it was revealed that for the past 40 years, the Public Health Service had been doing a clinical study in rural places in Alabama, involving African American males.

conspiracy theories

In 1940, when penicillin was developed as a cure, it was not given to these patients who needed it, and as predicted, drastic legal measures ensued.

12. Asbestos is dangerous

1970’s court papers accused the government about the dangers of asbestos for fourty years prior, but the info was hidden, plus this was a topic that was long-suspected of the government.

conspiracy theories

The asbestos manufacturing companies casually denied that asbestos has any negative medical effects, despite the elaborate research clearly stating that it does. Guess things really changed, didn’t they?

11. The military has a plan to suspend the constitution, imposing martial law

There used to be a classified drill developed by the US government, and it was referred to as Rex-84 (Readiness Exercise 1984). It caused the constitution to suspend, and possibly hold back any Americans that were suspected to threats to American security.

conspiracy theories

The whole thing ended during meetings revolving around the Iran-Contra affair. Sorry, guys, but you were also BUSTED…but this next one is the craziest of all…

10. The military has done investigations using psychic abilities

As wacky as this sounds, the Stargate Project was an actual army unit initially created to investigate the possibility of using psychic phenomena during war.

conspiracy theories

They weren’t being very productive, and eventually shut down in 1995. Well, that’s what you get for playing with crystal balls instead of doing your jobs, right?

9. The 1919 World Series was thrown

You’ve probably heard of it. Usually, it’s referred to as the Black Sox Scandal, when several White Sox players had been accused of straight up canceling the World Series in 1919.

conspiracy theories

Since throwing games wasn’t technically a crime, nothing could be done about that, so no one received any kind of punishment for it. Oh, well.

8. The government had poisoned alcohol during the prohibition

Let’s be honest, even after the prohibition, people still drank alcohol. The government pretty much tried to prevent moonshiners from making more alcohol by destroying the ingredients that assisted them in the process of making it.

conspiracy theories

In short, the moonshiners never quit, as consequently, a lot of them got sick, and some unfortunately, died, too.

7. Car companies bought up and destroyed streetcars

In 1974, car companies purchased and then destroyed many transportation-related tracks and paths within the United States in the 1930’s, in order for demand for vehicles to increase. This is also in accordance to a report that Congress made.

conspiracy theories

Ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly why you were stuck in traffic this morning, and every morning before this.

6. Area 51 is a secret military addition

After numerous incidences of drama regarding the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of Area 51.

conspiracy theories

This was the first time it had ever been recognized officially, and this shocked some, but others weren’t surprised. Let’s be honest, what else is there to build in the middle of the desert?

5. There were several Nazi attempts to assassinate Hitler

Yes, even Hitler’s own loyal party members thought it would be a good idea to get rid of him.

conspiracy theories

Three Lions/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Back in July 1944, several Nazi party members plotted to murder the Fuhrer himself, as well as his loyal assistants, Herman Goering and Heinrich Himler, in a conspiracy that was later named “Operation Valkyrie”. Conspirators Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg and Colonel Henning Von Tresckow planted a bomb inside Hitler’s conference room, but they only managed to injure him. Think about how different the world would have been, had only they succeeded.

4. The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project started off as a rumor that caught the imagination of millions for years, until being confirmed during WWII.

conspiracy theories

Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

It’s actually code name for the attempt to develop the first atomic bomb during the 1940’s. The Manhattan Project started off as an American attempt to beat the Nazis who were also trying to build an atomic bomb, and was eventually kept secret for no less than 25 years. Towns were built and thousands of people were hired in one of the most expensive weapon developments in history.

3. Watergate

Now this is a scandal that literally changed history. The affair, that ended up in the resignation of President Nixon and the conviction of several of his office workers, took place in August 1974.

conspiracy theories

National Archive/Newsmakers

It all started when several men were arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee HQ, at the Watergate office in Washington DC. After an FBI investigation that followed the incident, it was found that Nixon’s team was responsible for the break in, as well as many other illegal activities, including espionage, illegal wiretapping and money laundering. After an attempt to cover up these allegations, and after two years of research conducted by the FBI, things finally came to light and resulted in Nixon’s resignation, ending all the rumors.

2. The September 11 conspiracy

The world as we knew it changed when American Airlines Flight 11 and  United Airlines Flight 175 hit the World Trade Center on that fateful day, killing thousand of people and affecting millions worldwide. But do we really know the truth about what happened?

conspiracy theories

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Conspiracy theorists claim to this day, that there was no way that two aluminum planes managed to collapse such massive structures, and that some sort of weapon had to be involved. Well, there weren’t any bombs found in the ruins, but this is partially true. It wasn’t the planes that collapsed the buildings, it was due to the fire and loss of considerable structural elements that weighed them down, eventually causing them to collapse.

1. The CIA was involved in the Kennedy Assassination

The CIA is quite a popular topic among conspiracy fans. Many people say that the Kennedy assassination was a CIA set up, and that there was no way Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

conspiracy theories

Keystone/Getty Images

Some possible connections between Oswald and the CIA were found, and some even say he was a secret agent acting on their behalf. The truth is that the CIA covered up documents and investigations about the murder, making things look pretty fishy. If they weren’t involved at all, why bother covering up?

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