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You’ll Never Believe Which Household Item Can Whiten Your Teeth!

If you are an avid coffee drinker like I am, you have probably just accepted the fact that you will never have pearly white teeth ever again. As wonderful as coffee is, it has the side effect of staining your teeth yellow and it seems no matter what you brush your teeth with, they don’t get any cleaner. Even those over the counter teeth whitening strips don’t always do the trick. Unless you are a celebrity or make a lot of money, most people can’t afford the expensive dental service to get their teeth whitened. Well, one guy didn’t give up on getting the perfect white smile or “beaver smile” as he calls it. He even states in his DIY video “There is nothing more attractive than a good smile,” and he is right about that! Yet, you’ll never believe what household product he used to whiten his teeth! Are you ready for his secret because it will shock you.

The answer is turmeric! That’s right, that orange spice you would use in curry dishes or any meal you want to add a little bit of flavor to can whiten your teeth. You might be hesitant to brush your teeth with something that turns your food yellow but turmeric’s properties can actually be beneficial for your teeth. For starters, the spice can remove deep stains from your teeth when brushing with it because it is mildly abrasive.



Also, turmeric has a lot of vitamins and minerals compacted in it that can help not only whiten your teeth but strengthen them too! The spice gets its bright color from the antimicrobial compound known as curcumin, which further helps give you your dream teeth and helps your gums stay healthy too.

What’s great about using turmeric, as suppose to those over the counter whiteners that use chemicals to color your teeth, is that it is not harmful to you at all. No side effects, no gross taste in your mouth, no white coating on your tongue. It is all natural and healthier for you.

You are, though, not just brushing your teeth with the spice. In order to make your DIY toothpaste, you also need a tablespoon of coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil along with your two capsules of turmeric. After mixing all three ingredients together, your new toothpaste should be all set.

Put some of the turmeric paste onto your toothbrush and brush away like you normally do! Warning, though, it will dye your toothbrush bristles yellow. It may seem weird that you are using a bright orange paste to whiten your teeth but trust me, it won’t be as weird when you see the improvements!

After you finish brushing your teeth, rinse thoroughly and then smile! Notice the difference? It is amazing how quickly it works! Now, go show off your beautiful new smile and feel free to shock people with your secret!

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