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WSJ Report Says FOX News May Fire Bill O’Reilly

New reporting by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) shows that the embattled talk show host, Bill O’Reilly may not have a future with FOX News, the place he has called home since 1996. The move comes as more women are suing O’Reilly for sexual harassment and verbal abuse. It should be noted that the Murdoch family, father Rupert and sons James and Lachlan own both the WSJ and FOX News.

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Sources close to the talks say that James wants to see O’Reilly fired. Lachlan has been on the fence but may be coming around to that conclusion. Rupert wants to keep O’Reilly on.

The new scandal involving O’Reilly came about after the New York Times published a piece about the $13 million the network has spent paying off women who were suing the host and the network. Things only got worse when parent company 21st Century FOX admitted that it is looking into the matters. They released a statement last week that 21st Century Fox, “investigates all complaints and we have asked the law firm Paul Weiss to continue assisting the company in these serious matters.”

FOX News

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Even the president weighed in on the situation with the FOX News host.

When the scandal first broke, O’Reilly received some support from a surprising source. From the Oval Office, President Donald Trump took questions about the situation and went as far as to say that O’Reilly is a “good person” and that he should not have settled. Trump told the New York Times, “I think he shouldn’t have settled; personally I think he shouldn’t have settled. Because you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

Because the two media outlets, FOX News and the WSJ are owned by the same people, it is unlikely they would publish such a piece without verifying its accuracy. Advertisers to the O’Reilly Factor have left the show in droves as some people started a boycott after the news of the scandal broke. People have also been protesting outside the New York office of the company.

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