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Ravishing Reds: Hollywood’s Hottest Redheads

Redheads have a long history of causing heads to turn their way with their fiery locks and glowing skin. Beauty aside, there are a multitude of talented redheads in the public eye these days, on the big and small screen as well as in the music world. To read up (and look at) the most beautiful and talented redheads in entertainment, read on!

 1. The Aussie Redhead: Isla Fisher

This Australian kicked off her Hollywood career playing Mary Jane in the 2002 movie Scooby Doo. Since then, her stardom has been steadily on the rise.

Isla Fisher

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for InStyle

She starred in a number of notable movies, including Wedding Crashers and The Great Gatsby. Isla is also a mother of three and married to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Her family life is as robust as her acting career.

The Critically Acclaimed: Julianne Moore

One of the most accomplished actresses in the business, Julianne was born in North Carolina at an army base. Her mother was a social worker and her dad was an army man.

Julianne Moore

The beautiful redhead has been a part of many hit movies, including Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, and the feminist drama The Hours. In 2015, she  received an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the movie Still Alice.

Jersey Girl: Laura Prepon

Laura was born in Watchung, New Jersey in 1980, the daughter of a high school teacher mother and surgeon father. As a teen, she did some modeling and had several small acting roles.


Prepon stepped into the spotlight after appearing in the Fox sitcom That 70s Show. Nowadays, she’s showing off her acting skills in Netflix’s hit prison drama Orange Is the New Black.

Mysterious Redhead: Tilda Swinton

This enigmatic actress has been alluring movie audiences for a long time. Her roles are as remarkable as her career, which started kicked off with her 1986 role in the film Caravaggio.

Tilda Swinton

Swinton played the mom of a murderous teen in the critically acclaimed We Need To Talk About Kevin. She also starred in Orlando, a movie based off of a book by lesbian icon Virginia Woolf.

True Grace: Debra Messing

Will may not have been attracted to Debra Messing’s character on Will and Grace, but plenty of others were. Before her role on the groundbreaking show, she co-starred in the Fox hit comedy Ned & Stacy.

Debra Messing

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for CoolSculpting

After Will and Grace, Messing has featured in many films, including The Women, The Mothman Prophecies and Along Came Polly.

The “It Girl”: Rachel McAdams

Who can forget Rachel McAdams as the beautiful Allie Hamilton in the film The Notebook?! She simply took everyone’s breath away with her gorgeous red locks in those classic hairdos. The Canadian actress was hailed Hollywood’s “it girl” for her ability to look sophisticated and sexy without flaunting any of her goods.


McAdams also received a BAFTA nomination for Best Rising Star. After a slight hiatus in her career, she returned full guns blazing and blew everyone away playing Sacha Pfeiffer in the drama Spotlight. Her stellar performance landed her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The great news is that she is still single, but there are rumors that she’s dating American director and screenwriter Jamie Linden.


Lady Sansa: Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is known for the immensely popular HBO series Game of Thrones, playing Sansa Stark. It also happened to be her breakout acting role. She was still in high school when the show started and even needed to have a tutor on set!

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Since the 2011 debut, her acting career has taken off with her roles in the superhero action film X-Men: Apocolypse playing the character of Jean Grey. She will once again appear in the role for the film X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The Vixen: Jessica Chastain

This California-grown redhead powered her way into the hearts of the American public by playing a gritty CIA agent in the Osama bin Laden thriller, Zero Dark Thirty in 2012 .



Chastain has already earned two Oscar nominations. Those nominations came from her outstanding roles in Zero Dark Thirty and the period drama The Help. She also earned SAG, BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for her marvelous work.

The Beauty in the Village: Bryce Dallas Howard

This ravishing redhead has a famous father, Hollywood filmmaker Ron Howard, though her acting talent is all her own. She was even purposely raised away from the limelight as the Howard children were not allowed to watch any TV.



Bryce proved she was more than the daughter of a famous father by transfixing people in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village in 2004. Since then, she appeared in films such as The Help (alongside fellow redhead Jessica Chastain) and the Twilight series.

Miss Oscar: Amy Adams

Amy Adams is known to be one of the hottest redheads and most talented actresses in Hollywood. She has five Oscar nominations for her roles in American Hustle, Junebug, The Master, The Figther, and Doubt.


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Before her big screen debut, Adams started off working at a dinner theater in Colorado. Fun fact: though she was raised in Colorado, Adams was actually born in Italy to American parents.

Girl Meets World: Maitland Ward

At 40, Maitland Ward is still turning heads with her provocative Instagram and Snapchat posts. The former Boy Meets World star isn’t showing off body mindlessly, though.


Mark Davis/Getty Images

On Instagram, Ward wrote, “With so much body shaming towards women and criticism over sexy shots, I think women should be able to express themselves however they want and the haters should go take a cold shower. #getoverit #iamafeminist #boobsnotbombs.”

Miss Quirky: Judy Greer

This redhead is both a talented actress and an a published author. Continually cast as the unique and quirky girl, Judy is known to many from her role on Arrested Development.


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Born in Detroit in 1975 as Judith Therese Evans, she started off her career in small roles in big films like 2000’s What Women Want. She is well known for her role as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. Her first book, I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star, was published in 2014.

Unbreakable Beauty: Ellie Kemper

The next talented redhead grew up with Jon Hamm, the Mad Men star, and they even acted in a school play together. The Princeton-educated Kemper has starred in films like Bridesmaids and 21 Jump Street.


Brian Ach/Getty Images for Webby Awards

Her big TV break came from her role as Erin Hannon on The Office and nowadays, she’s front and center in the popular Netflix comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Viva Las Vegas: Amanda Righetti

This redhead grew up in the action-packed city of Las Vegas. At 15, she already had a modeling contract after winning an international cover model search.


David Livingston/Getty Images

Her first big roles were in The O.C. and North Shore and since then, she has wowed audiences in the 2006 movie Return to the House on Haunted Hill as well as in her role in TV show The Mentalist.

The Wildcard: Kate Mara

Kate Mara is well known these days for starring as dogged journalist Zoe Barnes in House of Cards. Going up against vicious politician Frank Underwood has allowed the actress to show off her amazing acting talent.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Talent runs in the family as Mara’s older sister is acclaimed actress Rooney Mara. They were both raised in Bedford New York and are actually the great granddaughters of the founders of the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.

True Blood: Deborah Ann Woll

Before appearing on HBO’s hit vampire drama True Blood, this redhead and Brooklyn native was making the rounds with small parts on mega-hit shows like ER and CSI.


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

She garnered acclaim for her role in the rom-com Ruby Sparks and lately, Deborah has been running with superheroes in the Netflix show Daredevil, playing character Karen Page.

Making Men Go Mad: Christina Hendricks

Christina was actually born a blonde, but wasn’t pleased with that color. After trying out several different looks, Hendricks found red. Supposedly, red came about due to her adoration of the book Anne of Green Gables.


Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Lionsgate Television

Playing the busty and beautiful Joan Harris has given Christian heaps of fame. It’s proved to the show business industry that curvy girls are just as big of hits as skinny girls. As a matter of fact, Hendricks was named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2010.

American Pie: Alyson Hannigan

Born in Washington, D.C., this redhead had a real estate agent for a mom and truck driver for a dad. Raised in Atlanta, Alyson was appearing in commercials for Oreos at the age of four and her family eventually but moved to Los Angeles when she was 11 to advance her acting career.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Her first big role was in the 1988 movie My Stepmother Is An Alien. In 1997, she began her role on the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her star status rose even more after appearing in the mega popular American Pie franchise and most recently in the series How I Met Your Mother.

The Busy Redhead Wonder: Sarah Snook

This Australian redhead is very busy right now. She’s working on an HBO pilot Succession that features Will Ferrell as an executive producer. Her film career started in 2010 with a few short films and then in major Australian films such as Not Suitable For Children in 2012.


Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Her short but impressive acting resume include roles in Steve Jobs and The Master Builder. She also starred in the six-part ABC miniseries The Beautiful Lie.

The Superstar: Nicole Kidman

This movie superstar is known for being from Down Under but did you know she was actually born in Hawaii? When Kidman was born in 1967, her parents were living in the island paradise while her father Tony was doing his PhD.


Her big break came in the 1989 movie Dead Calm. Some of her biggest roles since then have included starring roles the movies Moulin Rouge and her Academy-Award-winning performance in 2002’s The Hours.

The Queen of the ’80s: Molly Ringwald

This stunning redhead was born in California. Her mom was a chef and her dad was a blind jazz pianist. At six, she released an album called I Wanna Be Loved By You: Molly Sings.

Molly Ringwald

Molly appeared in many of John Hughes’s quintessential teen classics that defined the 1980s, including The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink. She recently starred in James Franco’s homoerotic thriller King Cobra.

The Icon: Lindsay Lohan

No list of redheads would be complete without including Lindsay Lohan. Her trials and tribulations are known to anyone with a basic knowledge of pop culture.



She kicked off her career in a big way with the successful Disney film The Parent Trap in 1998 and became a household name after starring in 2004’s hit Mean Girls. In spite of all of her various controversies, the actress continues to grab the attention of the masses for her solid acting chomps.

A+: Emma Stone

Emma was a originally a blonde until Judd Apatow suggested she dye her hair red for the hilarious 2007 comedy Superbad, which was her breakout role and made her a household name.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

These days, Emma is one of the hottest and most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. The Scottsdale, Ariz. Native has been taking in the limelight thanks to starring in movies like Easy A and in 2017 took home the Best Actress Oscar for her role in La La Land.

The Brat: Lauren Ambrose

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Lauren has amassed a serious following due to her films and TV shows. Ambrose started off in theater in New York before getting supporting roles on long-running TV series Law & Order.

Lauren Ambrose

The actress starred in the 1998 teen classic Can’t Hardly Wait and in the hit HBO series Six Feet Under playing the role of Claire Fisher. She also has a twangy music talent and is part of a dixie jazz band called Lauren Ambrose and the Leisure Class.

Taking the Throne: Rose Leslie

Rose was born in February 1987 in Aberdeen, Scotland and gained notoriety in the popular British series Downtown Abbey. This lead to her roles as Ygritte for three seasons HBO’s immensely popular series Game of Thrones.


Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

While working on Game of Thrones, the famous redhead also appeared in the 2012 film Now Is Good and in a British detective series called Vera. She starred in the 2015 movie The Last Witch Hunter and joined the cast of the CBS show The Good Fight in 2017.

The X Factor: Gillian Anderson

A Chicago native, Gillian Anderson is best known for starring in long-running Science Fiction series The X-Files, playing Dana Scully. Besides appearing in the hit Fox show, Gillian has participated in many movies such as the elegant adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel The House of Mirth.

Gillian Anderson

In addition to her acting resume, the actress was given the title of Honorary Officer of the Most excellent Order of the British Empire in honor of her “services to drama” in 2016.

A Shy, Groovy Beauty: Heather Graham

Heather Graham has been a Hollywood fixture for over two decades, featuring in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me in 1999 and in runaway hit The Hangover in 2009. Her breakout role was actually in the 1988 comedy License to Drive.


Despite her noticale acting skills, Graham was quite shy growing up. Born in 1970, she was raised a Catholic in Milwaukee. Her younger sister, Aimee, is also an actress.

No Problems: Ariana Grande

Before Ariana became a famous singer, she was belting out tunes on Broadway and starring in the Nickelodeon show Victorious playing a character named Cat Valentine.

Ariana Grande

After her Nickelodeon stint ended, she focused her attention on music and the decision seems to have been a wise one. Ariana is a now full-fledged superstar whose albums are constants at the top of the Billboard charts.

Delicious Housewife: Marcia Cross

Hailing from Massachusetts, Marcia wanted to act ever since she was a child. After Juilliard, this fierce redhead’s dream came true. Her career kicked off on television in 1984 when she began a recurring role in The Edge of the Night, a soap opera.


Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Since then, she has been best known for starring in the saucy ABC drama Desperate Housewives for eight seasons. The role garnered her several nominations for Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

Not Garbage: Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson is a beautiful punk alt-rock talent hailing from Scotland. She has been lead singer of the popular rock band Garbage since 1994, and is responsible for hits like Stupid Girl and Only Happy When It Rains.

Shirley Manson


In 2009, she took a stab at acting as well and appeared in the Jake Gyllenhaal film Love and Other Drugs and the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Despite still working with Garbage, Manson has also been working on a solo album which hasn’t been released yet.

A True Belle: Bella Thorne

This American actress and singer has more than 15 million followers on Instagram as she leads a very exciting life. She dated actor Tyler Posey (from MTV’s Teen Wolf) and she’s known to party with Tiffany Trump. Born in Florida in 1997, Thorne has appeared in a multitude of TV shows and films. One of her first roles was a playing a kid in HBO’s cult classic Entourage. She also played the mean girl in the high school comedy, The Duff.


Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Latina Magazine

In 2010, Thorne had a starring role in Disney’s teen dance show called “Shake It Up.” The actress had no prior dancing experience and took dance classes every night to prepare for the role. Obviously, her efforts paid off.

The Heroic Wife: Connie Britton

Connie was born in Boston in 1967. She became known to American TV audiences due to her role in NBC’s rapturous football drama Friday Night Lights. Britton played the tough but warm wife of a high school football coach who is under a lot of pressure.


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

From Friday Night Lights, Connie went on to star in the popular drama Nashville. In this, Connie played a country star who wasn’t as famous as she used to be. The role garnered her two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination.

Georgia Peach: Elena Satine

Elena is the first redhead on the list from the country of Georgia. She’s an actress and a singer born in the big city of Tbilisi in 1988. She started in showbiz at an early age as part of a children’s pop group in Georgia and from there eventually began acting.

Elena Satine

This beauty began her American acting career by chance while visiting New York along with her mother, who was on a business trip. In recent years, Elena has appeared in shows such as Smallville and the revamped version of Melrose Place.

Reba’s Daughter: Scarlett Pomers

Scarlett Pompers was born in California and not only acts but has vocal talent as well. It all started at the age of three, when she appeared in a Michael Jackson video.



The redhead would go on to star as Reba McEntire’s youngest daughter in the WB (now, CW) comedy Reba. You might have also seen her in the CBS hit show That’s Life. Her first album, Insane, was released in 2010.

Something In The Air: India Menuez

India is an artist, activist, model, and actress from New York. She played the plaything of lesbian professor in the hit Amazon show Transparent and co-starred in an online Amazon series.


India has also participated in many well known movies. She starred in White Girl, Something In The Air, and Uncertain Terms. In addition to this, she is also an art aficionado as a curator at the large New York art institution MoMa PS1.

Skating to Stardom: Analeigh Tipton

This gorgeous redhead started off as a super talented synchronized skater, no less. By 16, she had already won a pair of national championships. She first appeared on screen as a contestant on reality show America’s Next Top Model, landing in third place.

Analeigh Tipton

Now, Analeigh acts all over the place and has had appearances in The Big Bang Theory and Crazy, Stupid, Love. She first appeared on the big screen with the 2011 action movie The Green Hornet.

The Beauty Queen: Alyssa Campanella

You may have first seen Alyssa as the 2011 Miss USA winner, representing the state of California. The New Jersey native studied acting after finishing high school and is also apparently a good cook too, as she was a student at the Institute of Culinary Education.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Campanella is actually a natural blonde, but she has taken a liking to her adopted hair color. With her pageant days behind her, she has since had a number of high-profile modeling stints. More recently, the redheaded beauty has focused on running her blog fashion and lifestyle blog The A List.

The Grammy Award Winner: Florence Welch

The voice behind Florence and the Machine, Florence Welch has lead the band to attain a slew of Grammy nominations for their ethereal indie pop. The band has sold millions of records worldwide since their debut in 2009.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Curious about the band’s unique name? It came from an inside joke. Apparently keyboardist Isabella Summers is nicknamed “Machine” while Welch is nicknamed “Robot”.

America’s Sweetheart: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, superstar of the big screen, has wowed us in her roles for decades, including standouts such as Pretty Woman in 1990, Erin Brockovich in 1999 and Closer in 2004. She shows no sign of letting up, though!


Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Her hit movies abound, though the superstar never expected such fame. Born in Georgia in 1967, she grew up dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. However, as the child of two actors who ran a successful children’s acting school, she grew up surrounded by tons of talent and eventually pursued acting.

The Roseanne Alum: Sara rue

Sara Rue had her first TV role on the hit show Roseanne playing a young version of the titular character and since then has appeared in plenty of TV shows and a few films as well.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LOGO

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for LOGO

This redhead is a New York native and is well known for her role as the Attorney General in the cult film Idiocracy. On the small screen, she has made appearances on The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.

The Punk Princess: Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is the lead singer of pop-rock band Paramore. In addition to the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Williams also stands out for her fiery red mane and fierce, fearless style.


Simone Joyner/Getty Images

Born in Mississippi in 1988, she was signed to her first record deal when she was only 14 after being spotted by Atlantic Records. Paramore has gone on to release five studio albums, several of which have gone platinum.

The Model: Angie Everhart

Angie Everhart has been a model since her teens and three decades later, this powerhouse is still in the biz. However, her career almost didn’t happen after this Akron Ohio native broke her back in a horseback riding accident in 1988.


Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Fortunately, she recovered and has since appeared in a number of films, such as Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a regular on Hollywood Squares. In addition to modeling, she is one of the hosts of a popular podcast called Hot N Heavy.

The Oscar Winner: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet was slowly making a name for herself in the ’90s with roles in films such as Sense and Sensibility and Heavenly Creatures, but her starring performance in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic set her in stone as a mega star. At the age of 41, she ranks as the youngest person to win six Oscars.



After Titanic, the British beauty has appeared in acclaimed movies such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Steve Jobs . Though she has been nominated for Academy Awards a number of times over the years, she finally took home the coveted award in 2008 for The Reader.

The Icon: Reba McEntire

Country singer Reba McEntire launched her music career when she was 21 but it took seven albums to get a real breakthrough eight years later, with her 1984 record Just A Little Love. To date she has sold over 85 million albums and rightly earned her “Queen of Country” nickname.


Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Not only a great musician, McEntire has serious acting talent too, which was first featured in the 1990 movie Tremors. She became a TV staple with her hit WB show Reba, which aired for six seasons and earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

The Journalist: Trish Regan

Trish Regan has been a host on Fox News and Fox Business since 2015. Before that, she was a business reporter and host on NBC and MSNBC, including for “The Today Show” and the “NBC Nightly News”.


Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

A contestant in the Miss America pageant in 1994 representing New Hampshire, she eventually graduated with honors from Columbia University, where she majored in U.S. history.

The Tough Cookie: Simone Simons

Simone Simons is the lead singer of metal band Epica, originating from the Netherlands. Her band is known for its symphony stylings and, in fact, Simons is a trained classical singer!



Simons had a knack for music ever since childhood and by 12, she was already in music school, where she played flute before branching into singing, learning both pop and classical styles. Her band, Epica released its first studio album The Phantom Agony in 2003 and to date has seven studio albums under its belt.

The Dancer: Marilu Henner

Henner became America’s Sweetheart as Elaine O’Connor-Nardo in the hit sitcom Taxi that ran from the late ’70s to early ’80s. She gained notoriety in the original production of the musical Grease, playing Marty and eventually touring the country in that role.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

To this day, at 65, Henner still remains stunning. She has appeared in plenty of films and made guest appearances on a plethora of TV shows. Most recently, Marilu showed off her fancy footwork as a contestant on reality show Dancing With the Stars. She has also written a number of books focusing on healthy living.

Texas Rose: Holland Roden

Roden comes from Dallas, Texas. Growing up, she went to Hockaday School, the same school as that of George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara Bush. Having come from a family of doctors, this smart redhead planned to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Roden went to UCLA and majored in molecular biology and women’s studies.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Instead, she turned to acting and became one of show business’s most talented redheads. Roden had a part in the HBO show 12 Miles of Bad Road. She also found herself appearing on ABC’s mystery show “Lost.” Presently, you can find her playing Lydia Martin in Teen Wolf.

Flashdance: Teyana Taylor

This beauty is as fierce she looks. Last year, Taylor transfixed the world by giving mesmerizing Flashdance-like performance for Kanye West’s music video “Fade.” But Taylor can do much more than dance like a master. She has written a number of songs for artists like Usher and Chris Brown. She also models and acts.

Teyana Taylor

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Furthermore, Taylor is a proud mother. During Christmastime in 2015, she gave birth to her first daughter, which she named Iman. Her fiance, NBA player Iman Shumpert, delivered the baby himself!

 51. The Famous Niece: Emma Roberts

This redhead is related to another A-lister that many have heard of — Julia Roberts. Emma’s debut came on the big screen in the 2001 film Blow. Shen then went on to star in hit Nickelodeon show Unfabulous.



After Nickelodeon, she appeared in kids movies such as Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs. Now grown up, Emma has starred in a number of acclaimed and adored roles, including the cult film Adult World and as the star of the Fox series Scream Queens.

The Wizard: Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan hails from Huntsville, Alabama and grew up in Germany and Texas. She began acting when she was seven years old and had her first TV role on the beloved kids show Barney and Friends.



Since then, she’s appeared in several Disney productions, including The Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck. Debby also has quite the music talent and in 2012 formed the indie band The Never Ending.

 53. The Scottish Redhead: Karen Gillan

Born in Scotland, this actress climbed to prominence by appearing on Doctor Who, a science fiction series on the BBC, in the role of Amy Pond. She has gone on to appear in a number of TV shows and films and portrayed model Jean Shrimpton in the 2012 movie We’ll Take Manhattan.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Audi

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Audi

There is much more to come from Karen. She is set to appear in The Circle, an adaption of Dave Eggers book about the evils of social media and also stars in the Jumanji sequel. Her directorial debut, Tupperware Party, began production in January of 2017.

 54. The American Dream: Brittany Snow

Brittany started off her career on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light. She then transitioned to the NBC series American Dreams. Her role in American Dreams won her three Teen Choice Awards.


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Besides acting, Brittany is a singer and an advocate for a number of issues. She has been open about struggling with eating disorders, which lead her to co-found the Love is Louder Movement. She is also adamant about ending bullying in schools.

From High School Musical to Hot: Ashley Tisdale

This redhead was featured in more than 100 advertisements as a child. Disney eventually spotted a star and put her in their popular TV series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Next she went on to film success in the High School Musical franchise.


David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Ashley can sure sing and has already released two studio albums. She also knows a thing or two about makeup and in 2016, she launched her own makeup brand, Illuminate. She is currently working on a third album.

 56. Unforgettable: Poppy Montgomery

This Australian beauty dropped out of high school to travel and chase her dream of becoming an actress. After heading stateside, she appeared in small roles, such as in the TV series NYPD Blue.

16 - Look Damn Good

Her big break came when she played Marilyn Monroe in the TV miniseries Blonde on CBS. Next, for seven years, Poppy starred as Samantha Spade in the CBS hit series Without a Trace. Currently, she’s stars in the CBS show Unforgettable.

 57. Gleeful: Jayma Mays

Jayma grew up in Tennessee and first hit TV screens with a role on the Friends spinoff Joey in 2004. In 2007, she starred in her first film, Epic Movie, where she also met her husband, fellow actor Adam Campbell.


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Beginning in 2009, Jayma featured in the popular musical TV show Glee, playing the role of Emma Pillsbury. That role endeared her to many around the world. She also garnered plenty of attention by starring in the NBC series Heroes.

 58. Alexandra’s Creek: Alexandra Breckenridge

At 15, this ravishing redhead made her debut in the cult classic Freaks and Geeks. She then had minor roles in classics like Dawson’s Creek JAG, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and CSI.

25 - LDG

Her first movie appearance was in the 2002 film Big Fat Liar. After that, Alexandra joined the cast of the 2006 comedy She’s the Man, opposite Amanda Bynes. Currently, she’s mesmerizing audiences on the hit series The Walking Dead.

Good Golly Miss Molly: Molly C. Quinn

This redhead is known for the mystery series Castle on ABC, where she plays the role of Alexis Castle, as well as the 2013 movie We’re The Millers. She also voices the character of Princess Bloom in the American version of the cartoon series Winx Club.


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Molly came into the world on October 8, 1993 in Texarkana, Tex. and began her acting career after appearing in a local theater production of The Nutcracker the tender age of six. From there she set her sights on Hollywood while intensively perfecting her acting craft.

Broadway Star: Anneliese van der Pol

This Dutch-born powerhouse is a singer and actress, known for her role as Chelsea Daniels on Disney Channel show That’s So Raven. Nowadays, Broadway is van der Pol’s domain and she starred as Belle in the smash Broadway hit Beauty and the Beast.

Recently, she has also received praise for her role in the successful 0ff-Broadway show Vanities, A New Musical. She is also expected to revive her “Raven” role in an upcoming spinoff called Raven’s Home.

Classic Ginger: Tina Louise

Tina Louise is a classic redhead bombshell, best recognized for her starring role as Ginger Grant on the ’60s TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island. Though she had been acting since the early 1950s, she garnered fame after her Golden-Globe-winning performance in the 1958 movie God’s Little Acre.

Denver Sewing Collective

Denver Sewing Collective

Born in New York City in 1934, she is the daughter of a model mother and candy store owner father. Her career began as an ad model and then she had appearances in racy mags like Playboy in the ’50s. 1952 saw her Broadway debut with Two’s Company, and the rest is history.

 61. The Funny Girl: Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is known for her outstanding comedic talents but actually had her first film role in the horror movie The Unborn. Born in Illinois in 1960, she got her comedy start as a member of The Groundlings improv troupe in Los Angeles.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

She became a stand-up hit in the 1990s and gained major success playing the role of Vicki Groener on the show Suddenly Susan, alongside Brooke Shields. More recently, she has co-hosted The View and starred in the reality show My Life on the D-List.

The Sultry Vampire: Rachelle Lefevre

Some of you might recognize the gorgeous Canadian Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria Sutherland in The Twilight Saga. Lefevre has also starred in several series and TV shows, namely: Big Wolf on CampusBoston LegalWhat About Brian, and Swington.


Rich Polk/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Television

Lefevre has also appeared in the film Barney’s Version, and following her roles in A Gifted Man and Under the Dome, she starred in the ABC medical drama Off the Map. Those long red locks are certainly the reason she landed some of these roles. This next redhead also starred in Under the Dome. The director must’ve had something for redheads.

Dome’s Hottie: Mackenzie Lintz

Mackenzie Lintz is best known for playing Norrie Calvert-Hill on CBS’s Under the Dome. Lintz actually hails from a family of actors. It must come from her mother, the actress Kelly Lintz, because her three younger siblings are also actors.


Lintz launched her career as an actress when she auditioned for the role Mattie Ross in True Grit directed by the Coen Brothers. She was also cast in one episode of the series Drop Dead Diva, and some die hard fans of the The Hunger Games might recognize her as the tribute girl from District 8. Lintz’s latest achievement was in 2014, when she was nominated at the 40th Saturn Awards for the Best Performance by a Young Actor in a Television Series for her role in Under the Dome.

The Songstress: Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the most successful singers in the world, with over 230 million albums sold and eight Grammy Awards to her name. The singer, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born in Barbados in 1988. Her music talent was apparent from a young age.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

At 15, Rihanna formed a music group with friends and was later discovered by an American music producer. Her first big hits were with the singles Pon de Replay and SOS.

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