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Dubai Awaits World’s First Hyperloop Transportation System

Hyperloop One, the Los Angeles based company that has been making efforts to realize the Hyperloop concept of business mogul Elon Musk has recently got into a deal with Dubai RTA. As per the officials, the deal is about the construction of a near supersonic transport connectivity between the two major cities of UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


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The vision of Hyperloop One has always been to enable quick transportation of things and people at airline speeds at the cost of a bus ride. With the new deal with Dubai Road and Transport Authorities, it is a golden opportunity for the firm to convert their dreams into reality. As per the initial plans, the distance of about 100 miles (160 km) between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be covered in a whopping 12 minutes time. Usually the travel time between these two cities is about 2 hours, which means that the travel time is going to get curtailed by 90%.


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Currently both the parties (read Hyperloop One and Dubai RTA) are engaged in the evaluation process of testing the feasibilities, said Mr. Rob Lloyd, Chief Executive of Hyperloop One. As per the initial technical sketches, the supersonic transport system would be using electric propulsion to accelerate a passenger pod through a low pressure tube. The estimated speeds for this propulsion has been calculated to be about 700 mph. The vehicle would be designed to levitate above the track. This is required as that will ensure no reduction in the propulsion speed owing to friction in any form.

On successful implementation and launch of the Hyperloop connectivity between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the company also plans to use the same technology to establish transportation link between Dubai and Riyadh, and Dubai and Doha. The distance of 535 miles (853 kms) between Dubai and Riyadh which is supposed to take about 9 hours if travelled by car would be taking nothing more than48 minutes. Similarly, the distance of 236 miles (379kms) between Dubai and Doha would be covered in a matter of 23 minutes! Now that is what you call speed!


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While there are many technical and logistical hurdles to deal with, the officials of Hyperloop One are confident about the successful implementation of the plan. As per them, the initial design of the transportation pods would get revealed soon.

Similar high speed transport connectivity is getting planned in Slovakia as well by rival company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). In Slovakia, the intended plan is to connect Bratislava with Budapest and Vienna.

As the two rivals compete against each other in setting up the world’s first hyperloop connectivity system, the government of Dubai is looking at the whole project as an opportunity to be at the forefront of a totally new technology that would redefine the transportation system of the world.

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