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Archaeologists Just Found a World War II Capsule with Amazing Contents

World War II was a dark and dangerous time for many, especially those in the whole areas of Germany and Poland – and all of Europe in general! It was an incredibly violent time in history and completely changed the course of the nations. Germany’s legacy has completely changed since then, and every piece of history that comes out of that time is a precious reminder of everything that took place! One such example of such history was hidden deep inside a time capsule, and everything within was completely amazing.

How it all began

Everyone knows who Adolf Hitler was: he is one of the most, if not the most notorious fascist of all time, responsible for the lives of countless of people in just a few short years.


Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Adolf Hitler was the Führer of Germany between 1934 and 1945, but before that, he was the Chancellor of Germany during 1933. It was at this point that the Nazi Party began its reign of political oppression and its rise to power. He eventually rose to become supreme dictator, but not before digging some history in the ground…

There needed to be a place for the new recruits

Way before the war even started, though, Germany was building up its power and slowly gaining back the influence that it had had before the years of World War I.

Germany finally had some stuff that they could start to celebrate, so they gathered to celebrate the opening of the groundbreaking new Ordensburg Krossinsee center. The center would serve as an educational complex for the outstanding young men of Germany to be inducted into their new and dominant regime.

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