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Real Women Reveal The Surprising Things They Find Attractive In Men

When it comes to what men find attractive in a woman, it seems we are bombarded with information from magazines, television shows, and websites alike. So what’s a guy to do when he wants to know how to make the ladies want him?  Read on to learn the unexpected things that women secretly love.


Lovin’ The Pudge

Eat This, Not That!

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take rock-hard abs or chiseled biceps to win over a lady. A soft, huggable belly can be just as appealing.


Dress It Down


It turns out, Barney Stinson was wrong; suits aren’t required for wooing women. A pair of sweatpants tells her you’d be a pretty relaxing date.


Code Red

TV Tropes

The number one way to show a girl she can trust you? Don’t freak out when it comes to periods! It will be a relief to know you can go with the flow.


Talk It Out


Trust me, there is nothing more automatically sexy to a woman than hearing a man’s sleepy voice. It’s when you sound your most masculine.


Strength In Numbers


Any trait that girls don’t have is bound to draw their attention. It may sound odd, but the veins on your arms do just that. The more, the merrier!


The Handyman Can


It may seem old-school, but it’s no less true; a man that can fix things around the house is a man that will always have a date.


Squeeze ‘Em Tight

Dating Advice From A Girl

This one likely isn’t too surprising. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a big, warm bear hug? Women love the feeling of being wrapped up in your arms.


Go Nuts For Baseball Butts


The crisp uniform, the intelligent strategy, the performance under pressure — let’s face it, baseball is pretty sexy. Impress her on the diamond and you’re sure to score.


Sing Like No One’s Listening


When it comes to singing in front of a lady, there’s no way to fail. Either you dazzle her with your skills, or show her your silly, shameless side through your lack thereof.


Working Man’s Hands

Men’s Fitness

Callused hands may feel a bit rough, but they tell a story. Whether it’s from playing an instrument or operating heavy machinery, she is guaranteed to be intrigued.

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