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These Old-School Pictures Of Women Breastfeeding Prove The Outrage Is Over Nothing

Modern society has attached a strange stigma to breastfeeding in public. To many, it is seen as gross and taboo, something meant for the privacy of one’s home.

However, if history has anything to show us, people are making a far bigger deal out of breastfeeding than they should.


Another Daily Chore


There is nothing glamorous or sexualized about this mother feeding her child. To her, breastfeeding is another chore, right next to hanging laundry and churning butter.




After the invention of cameras, mothers were even eager to have pictures taken of them breastfeeding. This woman looks happy for her picture – some mothers later on this list, however, look far from happy.


Jealous Sibling?


What’s more eye-catching: the woman feeding her baby or the potentially jealous sibling staring into the camera? If you think exposed boobs are worse than unruly children, then you might have a problem.


Napping Baby…


This baby is more than glad to fall asleep while feeding. Well, if our next photo is anything to go by, turnabout is fair play when it comes to napping while breastfeeding.


…And Napping Mommy


Being a mom is a full-time job and it is beyond exhausting, even back then. There isn’t a mother alive who has not passed out while breastfeeding.


Fun In The Sun


Back then, mothers never had to be ashamed of feeding their hungry baby in public. It was common. Heck, many mothers back then had portraits of themselves breastfeeding – although most of them are not exactly formal…


An Odd Portrait


Portraits in themselves are weird. The obviously staged people and expressionless faces are unusually stoic, but adding breastfeeding into the mix adds another layer of weirdness to the mix.

We’d like to say this is the most sinister portrait on this list, but we’d be lying.


Giving Life


There are actually several health benefits to breastfeeding your children. Some include stronger immune systems and longer life spans for the breastfed child. Who cares if people gawk while you do it – you’re actively helping your baby’s life!


A Stone-Faced Breastfeeder


Breastfeeding is often a tender bonding experience between a mother and her child. This woman obviously did not get the memo because she has quite possibly the straightest face in all of human history.


Breastfeeding Is Normal And Natural



People call breastfeeding “taboo,” but that’s far from the truth. As these photos show, breastfeeding has been a part of our culture for centuries.

Want to learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding your child? Check out the video below!

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