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Priceless Partners: The Women of the Billionaire Wives Club

While you are most likely familiar with many of the world’s most successful men, you may not be as familiar with their home lives and the loving, dependable women who are their partners in the greatest venture of them all – life. Many of these lavished ladies need no introduction and are bigger names than their husbands. Others were rolling with the punches long before their bank accounts were rolling in the dough. Whether these spouses married into money, were the helping hand needed to reach success or themselves have raked in a good portion of the family income, there’s no denying that their husbands are fortunate to have them in their lives. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street and aristocratic Europe, these couples prove that deep pockets and deep love can coexist.

Salma Hayek – François-Henri Pinault

When you’re a successful A-list Hollywood actress like Salma Hayek, money doesn’t need to be your main concern when looking for a mate. The Mexican-American celeb is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading ladies, as well as an honorary member of the billionaire wives club.

billionaire wives club - salma hayek

Hola! Magazine

Billionaire French Kerig tycoon François-Henri Pinault became smitten with the buxom brunette after the two met in 2006. Neither were lacking in the finance department when in 2007 they got something that money couldn’t buy – their adorable daughter, Valentina. Two years later the pair wed in Paris and they still can’t stop gushing about each other. So sweet!

Stephanie Seymour – Peter Brant

When you’re one of the world’s original supermodels who has dated the likes of Axl Rose, only an equally as (or bigger) larger-than-life figure will do for your life partner. And that’s exactly what ‘80s and ‘90s fashion icon Stephanie Seymour did when got together with media mogul Peter Brant.

billionaire wives club - stephanie seymou

NY Daily News

Despite somewhat of a complicated start, the two wed in 1995 and their love has persevered through the years. The duo filed for divorce in 1999 but eventually reconciled. Talk about “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer”… although they don’t really need to worry about the “poorer” part.

Pippa Middleton – James Matthews

Pippa Middleton hardly needs an introduction as the sister of Britain’s beloved Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, and as a pop culture figure in her own right. All eyes turned to Pippa when she donned that mesmerizing, white figure-hugging dress at Kate and Wills’ royal wedding in 2011.

billionaire wives club - pippa middleton

Hello Magazine

Six years later, it was Pippa’s turn to walk the aisle. The beautiful bride again stole the show all dressed in white when she exchanged “I do’s” with her own prince charming – billionaire financier/Scottish heir/former race car driver James Matthews.

Lucinda Southworth – Larry Page

Although Lucinda Southworth’s husband might have a more recognizable name to the general public, she is anything but a trophy wife. The blonde beauty who married billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page is undoubtedly gorgeous, and she’s also a certified genius.

billionaire wives club - lucinda southworth larry page

Vanity Fair

As a bio-med doctoral student at Stanford with a Master’s from Oxford, Southworth’s combination of beauty and brains were the perfect match for Page. The couple married in 2007 on fellow billionaire Richard Branson’s Necker Island. With two kids in tow, the cerebral couple is seeing life through rose-colored Google Glass.

Miranda Kerr – Evan Spiegel

Millions of fans tune in to follow former Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr flaunting her fabulous lifestyle and figure on social media. And Internet entrepreneur Evan Spiegel revolutionized the way we virtually interact with his popular photo sharing company Snapchat.

billionaire wives club - miranda kerr evan spiegel


The Aussie fashion icon and world’s youngest billionaire first became a picture-perfect couple in 2015. The two ruled out the possibility that their relationship would only last as long as a seconds-long Snapchat snap, and they pledged their eternal love to each other in 2017. The well-heeled newlyweds are now expecting their first (and Kerr’s second) child. Congrats!

You’ve definitely heard of the next couple that put no price tag on love, keep reading to find out who they are!

Priscilla Chan – Mark Zuckerberg

Priscilla Chan didn’t know her college sweetheart would become one of the world’s youngest billionaires when they first connected. But, as it turns, out this pediatrician, Harvard grad and all-around icon of female empowerment had added more than just a friend to her social network when she started dating Facebook wiz Mark Zuckerberg.

billionaire wives club - priscilla chan mark zuckerberg

Daily Mail

Chan and “Zuck” officially changed their Facebook statuses to “married” when they tied the knot in 2012. Now one of the biggest power couples in Silicon Valley, the pair has two adorable little girls and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them all in the White House soon. Here’s a big “Like” for them!

Tamiko Bolton – George Soros

The third time was the charm when it came to matters of the heart for famed businessman George Sorors. The prominent Hungarian-American magnate is known for his prowess at investing finances, but he also decided it was never too late to invest his heart.

billionaire wives club george soros

Page Six

Love was the right drug for former pharmacist Tamiko Bolton and her billionaire beau. Despite a 40-year age difference, the pair wed shortly after Sorors’ 82nd birthday. Bolton has an MBA, runs an online company and is stepmom to Soros’ children (most of whom are older than her). But hey, love knows no age.

Joan Templeman – Richard Branson

Eclectic business mogul Richard Branson is known as one of the world’s most high-energy entrepreneurs. You might be surprised to find out, though, that the high-flying British businessman has been kept grounded by the mighty marital force shared with his wife Joan Templeman.

billionaire wives club - joan templeman richard branson

The Sun

The Virgin tycoon’s heart took flight the first time he laid eyes on Templeman in 1976, but he was married to former wife Kristen Tomassi at the time. In 1989, Templeman and Branson had the beach wedding of a lifetime on Necker Island, which he had bought in the late ‘70s to impress his future bride.

Jerry Hall – Rupert Murdoch

As a six-foot-tall bombshell model and actress who was previously married to Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall was one of the most definitive icons of the ‘70s. As a celebrity figure, she was used to making headlines. And so was multibillionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose companies literally make headlines.

Jerry Hall Rupert Murdoch trophy wives billionaire wives club

Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

It is only fitting, therefore, that their engagement was first listed in the Murdoch-owned newspaper “The Times.” In something of a modern-day, mega-rich take on The Brady Bunch, Hall, 61, and Murdoch, 86, have 10 children between them. They wed at the Spencer House in London in 2016. No biggie.

The next couple of ladies on the list are definitely not your average trophy wives!

Melinda Gate – Bill Gates

Some ladies would be concerned about dating a college drop-out, but luckily Melinda Gates wasn’t perturbed by such details. She herself had a computer science degree and MBA from Duke University when she started working at a little-known company called Microsoft in the late ‘80s.

billionaire wives club bill and miranda gates


There she met the firm’s co-founder, computing vanguard Bill Gates, who saw a window of opportunity for a lifetime of happiness with Melinda. Gates would soon become the world’s most well-to-do man when the couple married in 1994. After striking it big both in love and the bank, the Gates decided to share the wealth and donate half of their fortune to charity. Respect.

Princess Charlene of Monaco – Prince Albert II

The royal union between Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco was a real-life fairytale coupling for both parties involved. She was an Olympic swimmer from South Africa with Hollywood-like looks akin to those of her late mother-in-law Grace Kelly. He was the ruler of the glitzy Riviera principality’s fabled House of Grimaldi.

billionaire wives club - charlene monaco prince albert

Handout/Pierre Villard/Le Palais Princier via Getty Images

Despite their 20 year age difference, the royal romance started poolside. The couple took things in stride and were eventually married in a lavish bling fest in 2011. Things have gone swimmingly for the crown as the picture-perfect princess gave birth to twins in 2014. Now they’re all floating on heir.

Diane von Furstenberg – Barry Diller

Luxury fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg is famous for her eponymous clothing brand. The Belgian-American mogul independently achieved success with her sartorial business pursuits. Now considered fashion royalty, DVF first rose to fame by marrying into actual royalty – wedding Germany’s Prince Egon von Fürstenberg.

diane von furstenberg barry diller trophy wives

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

That union happened to fall apart at the seams, but Diane stitched herself back up and again found love again. This time she had long-time friend and Expedia media mogul Barry Diller falling head over her fashionable heels. The two wed in 2001 and although they don’t live together, they’ve found home in each other’s hearts.

Eloise Broady – John Paul DeJoria

Former Playboy model Eloise Broady was known as a sexpot with luscious flaxen hair even before she met her self-made billionaire husband John Paul DeJoria. The blonde bombshell later married and was a muse for her mogul husband behind the Paul Mitchell line of hair products married.

billionaire wives club

John Sciulli/Getty Images for Eloise Dejoria Fashionwear

Eloise’s luminous locks stayed in the spotlight after their matrimony as she served as a spokesmodel for her husband’s famous brand. Between them, the pair has four hair empire heirs. Now there’s one family that’s never had a bad hair day.

Kate Capshaw – Steven Spielberg

The meet-cute between actress Kate Capshaw and her legendary filmmaker husband Steven Spielberg was made from pure Hollywood magic. The Tinsel Town power couple met on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

billionaire wives club steven spielberg kate capshaw

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Although she was in front of the camera playing the love interest to Harrison Ford’s title character, she would become the leading lady in Spielberg’s life. The tantalizing Texas native converted to Judaism before marrying Spielberg in 1991. Together they have seven kids. Priceless!

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Susan Dell – Michael Dell

It’s said that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and such is true for the colossal fortune of the Dells (or shall we say “Dellionaires”). The same is also true of the personality of Susan Dell, the perpetually upbeat and ambitious wife of Dell computer connoisseur Michael Dell.

billionaire wives club susan and michael dell

Dell Foundation

While her CEO husband is busy running one of the most successful tech companies in the world, Susan is literally running. This powerhouse mother of four completed the Ironman triathlon in 2003. That persistent attitude also helps when she’s running her fashion line Phi and pursuing the couple’s magnanimous philanthropic activities.

Fabiana Flosi – Bernie Ecclestone

When Brazilian beauty Fabiana Flosi, 41, raced into the heart of former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, 87, haters on the sidelines were quick to joke that she was half the British businessman’s age and double his height. Still, the couple’s feelings were fuelled by love.

billionaire wives club - bernie ecclestone fabiana flosi

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

The pair crossed the ultimate finish line when they got hitched in 2012. Don’t be fooled, though, former racing exec Fabiana isn’t just a ditzy member of the billionaire wives club. Apart from her business smarts and good looks, she possesses the kind of charm, intellect and driven attitude that gets her motorsport-loving man’s heart racing. Sound like the right formula for love.

Heather Wrigley – William Wrigley Jr. II

William Wrigley Jr. II, the Chicago-based heir and chair of his family’s chewing-gum empire was for a while considered one of the most eligible billionaire bachelors in the wake of his first marriage. That all changed when blonde beauty Heather Rosbeck blew away the Windy City magnate.

billionaire wives club - heather william wrigley jr ii

The scion of the confectionery conglomerate and the model and actress (you saw her in Shallow Hal) had a romance worthy of bubblegum pop lyrics and the two married in Aspen in 2007. Now, isn’t that just the sweetest thing.

Ricky Lauren – Ralph Lauren

The iconic ‘90s designer who was a linchpin of the polo shirt trend had just been discharged from the army when he happened into a doctor’s office and me the love of his life, Ricky. She was working as a medical receptionist and dance teacher at the time.

billionaire wives club - ricky lauren ralph lauren

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

According to the old adage, money can’t buy you happiness. Still, the multi-billion-dollar boost to the Laurens’ joint bank account didn’t seem to hurt the pair that wed when they were still making modest livings in 1964. As the muse and mother of Ralph’s three children, Ricky’s collar-popping impressive credentials also include licensed psychotherapist and published author.

Miriam Ochsorn – Sheldon Adelson

If ever there was a strong woman behind a successful man, it was Miriam Adelson. She’s an Israeli army vet and reputed physician who is married to one of America’s most affluent visionary entrepreneurs – casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson.

billionaire wives club - miriam sheldon adelson


The well-to-do duo is not only prominent in the Las Vegas scene, but they are known as one of the most politically-involved philanthropists in the coveted billionaires club. Since the world said “mazel tov” to them in 1991, Miriam and Sheldon have reigned as one of the most prominent pairs in the billionaires club.

There are more impressive members of the billionaire wives club where that came from, keep reading!

Irina Viner – Alisher Usmanov

Now for a tale “from Russia with love”: She is a legendary gymnastics icon in Russia and he is on-and-off one of the country’s most prosperous oligarchs. Irina Viner rose to fame in the FSU as a champion athlete who became the decorated head coach of Russia’s rhythmic gymnastics team.

billionaire wives club - irina viner

Although she was famous in her own right, Viner’s legacy was further ingrained in the history books when she made metals magnate Alisher Usmanov’s heart flip. The Uzbeki-born pair first met as teens and later wed in 1992. Now, more than two decades later, they’re still going strong as steel.

Mackenzie Bezos – Jeff Bezos

The Beatles crooned about how money can’t buy love. And that much was true for Mackenzie Bezos, who met and married Amazon founder Jeff Bezos before he started his online shopping empire. Mackenzie dropped everything to support her hubby years before he became the world’s most moneyed man.

billionaire wives club jeff miranda bezos

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Luckily, the couple struck virtual gold and were able to pursue their respective successful careers. Apart from being a mother of four, this true Amazon woman is a Princeton grad and acclaimed novelist. From the dot-com bubble to the Internet age, this pair has survived it all.

Astrid Menks – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is instantly recognizable as possibly the world’s greatest investor of all time. But whom, may you ask, is the enchanting woman who has the visionary “Oracle of Omaha” under her spell? The answer: a very down-to-earth, open-minded and compassionate partner.

warren buffett astrid trophy wife billionaire

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Latvian-born Astrid Menks has lived with the brilliant Berkshire Hathaway helmsman since the ‘70s although he was still technically married to first wife, Susan. Two years after Susan’s death, Astrid and Buffett married in 2006. Hardly in it for the money, Astrid can be found searching for bargains in Nebraska’s antique shops.

Queen Noor of Jordan – King Hussein

The elegant Queen Noor of Jordan (born Lisa Najeeb Halaby) was hardly a damsel in distress when she married the Middle Eastern country’s flush King Hussein in 1978. She was educated and raised in the United States before she found herself as queen consort until her husband’s death in 1999.

billionaire wives club - queen noor king hussein

Pride of Britain Awards

Although her husband’s lost battle with cancer was devastating, as the queen dowager she is hardly lounging around in a palace. She hardly faded out of the spotlight in the wake of the tragedy and there have even been rumors that she’s been linked to Mexican telecoms billionaire Carlos Slim Helu.

Laurene Powell Jobs – Steve Jobs

Businesswoman and humanitarian Laurene Powell was the apple of her tech titan husband’s eye years before their bank account hit 10 digits. She was still a Stanford MBA student when she met the brainchild behind the financially fruitful Apple phenomenon.

billionaire wives club - steve laurene jobs

CNN Money

She could be considered one of the original Silicon Valley TWAGs, but the term hardly does her justice as she is herself behind various initiatives. Money didn’t seem to be as much of a factor with two as did love and companionship. The two firmly stood by each other until Steve’s death in 2011.

Mariah Carey – James Packer

When you’re as big of a pop culture icon as pop music diva Mariah Carey is, not just any old suitor will do. Known for her lavish lifestyle and earnings as high as her impeccable vocal range, the celebrity songstress met her match with billionaire Australian businessman James Packer.

mariah carey james packer twags billionaire wives

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for GLAAD

Things were all glitter as the jet-setting pair seemed to have finally found all that they had ever wanted for Christmas. The high-profile pair got engaged when Packer bestowed her with a whopping 35-carat diamond engagement ring. Unfortunately, their whirlwind romance ended shortly thereafter.

Don’t miss the next wonderful women who became the wives of the world’s wealthiest!

Dasha Zhukova – Roman Abramovich

What would this list be without another ravingly rich Russian oligarch couple? Dasha Zhukova is somewhat of a Renaissance woman involved in business, art and publishing. As the heiress daughter of an oil magnate father and molecular scientist mother, it’s no surprise she rubbed shoulders with other Russians who were rolling in dough.

roman abramovich dasha zhukova trophy wives

She met eclectic Chelsea Football Club owner and investment mogul Roman Abramovich in 2005. He was still married to his second wife then and she was also in another relationship. In 2008, the preposterously powerful couple married in a secret ceremony. Although they later split in 2017, they have two children together and remain close.

Talulah Riley – Elon Musk

If there is anything as amazing as eccentric boy wonder billionaire Elon Musk’s impressive career, it’s his equally as interesting love life. The genius behind SpaceX, Tesla and Paypal has said that having a woman in his life is a necessity for him. No one knows this better probably than his on-and-off-and-on-and-off again wife Talulah Riley.

billionaire wives club - talulah riley elon musk

Vanity Fair

The English actress and the tech billionaire walked down the aisle in 2010. Soon after, the Musk and Riley divorced in 2012. In a twist of fate, the two relaunched their love and remarried in 2013. Unfortunately, they encountered technical problems again and split for the second time in 2016.

Uma Thurman – Arpad Busson

What do supermodel Elle Macpherson and Hollywood superstar Uma Thurman have in common apart from the fact that they are two of the most famous leggy blondes in entertainment history? Well, they both have explosive careers, enviable figures and happen to have a soft spot for a certain billionaire beau.

billionaire wives club - uma therman

Although both women’s name are probably more recognizable to the general public and neither is in need of a man to keep her afloat financially, they were both married (at different times and Uma TWICE) to filthy rich French financier Arpad Busson. Sadly, neither marriage last the test of time and they all said “au revoir.”

Melania Trump – Donald Trump

Slovenian-born Melania Trump is one of the most prominent members of the billionaire wives club these days. From humble Eastern European beginning to make it in the ruthless world of modeling in New York, she went on to marry billionaire real estate tycoon turned US President Donald Trump.

melania trump donald trump trophy wives

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Although she wasn’t totally expecting to move from their gilded tower in New York to the White House when she married Trump in 2005, she’s fashionably stood by her spouse through a fair share of ups and downs. The First Lady might not be Trump’s first wife, but it looks like she’ll be his last.

Anna Nicole Smith – J Howard Marshall

Back in the ‘90s, blonde bombshell Anna Nicole Smith was one of the most famous women married to a billionaire. Her highly publicized rollercoaster life started with her popularity as a “Playboy” model. At age 26 she spurred a media frenzy when she accepted 89-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall’s hand in marriage.

billionaire wives club - anna nicole smith

Daily Mail

Despite speculation that she was a gold digger and that the union was unconsummated, she maintained that she loved her husband and that age was just a number. They were together until his death in 1995. Anna Nicole Smith sadly passed away in 2007 at the untimely age of 39, but her legacy lives on.

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Source: Forbes, Time

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