Where you came from ?! 45-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To A Boy Unaware Of Pregnancy
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That’s No Kidney Stone! 45-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To A Boy, Unaware Of Pregnancy

The nine months of pregnancy come with a lot of change. A mother’s body goes through an incredible transformation with organs moving and shifting to make room for a tiny human to grow!

Most women know they are pregnant almost immediately. Weird cravings, a missed period, or even slight cramps may signal it’s time to take a pregnancy test.

One California woman showed no signs or symptoms, and her birth story is making major headlines!

Beth Clay Spent Nine Months Pregnant, Without A Clue

Beth Clay — a 45-year-old woman from California — was nothing less than shocked to find out she was pregnant. The catch? She found out as she was giving birth.


Clay explains that she didn’t gain any weight during her pregnancy. She was actually in amazing shape, and she even lost 15 pounds over the nine months she was with child.

“I was in tiptop shape, and then the next three days, here’s this little rascal,” Clay stated.

She Was Recently Admitted To The Hospital

It wasn’t until last week that the 45-year-old mother of three started to notice a change in her health.

She landed in the emergency room, assuming the pain she was experiencing was due to kidney stones.


Doctors shockingly informed Clay that she was actually pregnant, and she was going into labor.

You could only imagine the confusion Beth Clay and her husband Scott were experiencing upon learning the news. “I was like, that just can’t be real. It’s all contrived, never could happen. You would know if there was a baby in your belly, but we’re living proof,” Scott Clay stated.

Their Baby Boy Was Apparently In Hiding

Doctors believe that the baby was hiding behind Clay’s organs the entire time. Although his arrival was unexpected, the Clay family welcomed newborn Liam Ryder Clay into the world.


Baby Liam had to stay in the NICU a couple of days after being born, but this bundle of joy has a clean bill of health.

The Clay family decided to contain their excitement, just so they could process the news.

“We waited a whole day before we told any of our family. Just so we could absorb what was actually happening, it’s huge,” Beth Clay admitted.

Congrats to the entire Clay family on their beautiful new addition!

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