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How This Woman Tricked A Creep Into Buying Her Gas Is Pure Feminist Genius

One young woman recently experienced something that too many females in society have to put up with when they’re in public.

But the way she clapped back? Pure, unadulterated win.

Amanda Had An Unexpected Encounter When She Stopped At the Gas Station

Amanda Mills, a 22-year-old woman from Dallas, was standing in line at the gas station to pay for her fill-up when a guy started to hit on her, calling her cute. Why some guys think that approaching a perfect stranger and acting like that is acceptable was beyond her.


One would think that men would avoid even the slightest appearance of sexual harassment, considering how much the issue has been in the news recently. However, what Amanda did next at the gas station has impressed people on social media and established her status as an absolute feminist icon.

What Amanda Asked The Guy

Instead of ignoring the come-on or telling the guy to buzz off, Amanda replied, “Cute enough for you to fill up my tank?”


Remarkably, the guy complied with her request. Amanda thanked the guy and got out of there. She was, after all, going to see her boyfriend, a goal that the guy at the gas station helped to facilitate.

Men Like to Impress Women With Money

Whether Amanda knew it or not, she was taking advantage of a male behavior pattern that is as old as the human species. A man in search of a mate will try to impress the female by demonstrating his ability to be a good provider.

In prehistoric times, a hunter would present a prospective life partner with the latest day’s kill, showing that if she were to accede to his wishes she would eat well, as would their children.

In modern times, some guys try to impress women by driving around in expensive cars. Kind of the same thing, right?


Amanda’s spontaneous request and the response from the guy at the gas station was a classic example. By paying for her gas, the guy was informing her that he would be able to show her a great time.

How was he to know that was she was not only disposed to entertain overtures from strangers in the checkout line, but she was already spoken for?

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