Where you came from ?! What Happens When A Woman Asks Out Her Crush? It's Hilarious
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What Happens When A Woman Asks Out A Man? It’s Hilarious, For One

When it comes to dating, tradition dictates that the man makes the first move. But in the 21st century, who needs tradition?

Somebody launched #DateChallenge on Twitter and encouraged women to summon up their courage and do the asking. They also asked them to share their results and these are 10 of the funniest. Check them out.


He’s Not Keen But He’s Hungry


We suppose this is all upside from his perspective, but from hers this is unnecessary and a touch cruel. It’s OK to say no, but you don’t have to be so mean.


Too Scared To Say No



This fellow, on the other hand, has gone with a different tactic. He can’t bring himself to say no, but he’s not going to say yes, either.


The Most Peculiar Rejection


This is a little kinder on the recipient, but also a touch confusing. C’mon, guys. How hard can it be to say “no thanks”?


The Lazy Yes


Finally, we have someone who wants to take the asker up on her generous offer, but he is hardly busting with enthusiasm, either. “K”? How lazy can you be?


This Is Much Better


This lady can feel a little smug. This is funny because it’s intended to be, and it’s positive and heartwarming. Good work, sir.


This Could Be Love



This has a hint of “desperate puppy” written all over it, but it’s still a jolly nice way for the whole exercise to turn out. Thumbs up.


Absolutely Brutal


Then we turn to this rat, who was so unimpressed by the invitation that he just blocked his would-be girlfriend from his account. Boo. Hiss.


Direct And Deadly



Full points for honesty, but still fairly cruel. Where have manners gone in this brave new world of female-led dating? Or is all really fair in love and war?


The Moment Of Panic



There seems to be a huge leap here between the question asked and the intentions of the questioner. We think this guy may remain lonely for a long time.


Finishing On A Happy Note Lol



We’re not sure why there was a need for “Lol” in the question or in the response here? Whatever, it’s worked out well for them both.

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