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Why Men Shouldn’t Be Talking About How Much Makeup a Woman Wears

Earlier this month, a twitter account called @GoogleFacts tweeted out a study conducted having to do with men and their preferences when it comes to women wearing makeup. For some reason, whoever conducted the study thought that it was a good idea to get these opinions from men, who said that they would rather see a girl wear less makeup that have her entire face covered. Except the twitter account did not include any sort of proof to this study, no link to read more information on the study, and basically just included two back to back photos of one model – Miranda Kerr.



Like of course she looks gorgeous either way, so it’s unclear exactly what sort of point the twitter account and whoever is behind it was trying to make.


What I’d like to know is where men get off with having this opinion? Do they really think that a woman wearing makeup is all about what men want? Do they really think that women put all of that work into getting their makeup perfect on a regular basis just to impress a man, or the male population in general?

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