Where you came from ?! What's My Age Again? This Woman In Her 70's Is The Definition Of #Gainz
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What’s My Age Again? This Woman In Her 70’s Is The Definition Of #Gainz

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy at any age, and it can become especially tricky as you get older. It can be hard to stay active and take control of your health into your later years, leaving many older people prone to developing preventable diseases.

One woman in her 70’s has proven that age is most definitely a number, and you don’t have to be young to turn your health around! Her story is nothing short of inspiring.

Time Changes Everything — Including Your Overall Health


Nancy Burham was feeling defeated and worn down in 2007 at the age of 61. She had just retired, but her health was rapidly declining.

She received the diagnosis of asthma as well as two prolapsed heart valves, and she was promptly put on a plethora of daily medications. Burnham’s blood pressure was expected to rise even further, which would eventually lead to more medications.

The 61-year-old felt discouraged and inexplicably stuck. “I was in a position that’s familiar to many Americans: You depend on your doctor, but they don’t really know how to prescribe exercise,” she stated.

One morning everything changed, and her next move transformed the entire course of her life.

She Decided To Step Outside Her Comfort Zone

Nancy Burnham

Burnham was on her way to do some grocery shopping when she noticed a new gym had just opened in the plaza across the street. Instead of going about her usual errands, she pulled into the gym parking lot.

“It was a life-changing moment. I refused to settle for the status quo,” she admitted.

Burnham had never been in a gym in her life, so she had no clue where to start. “I was scared. I didn’t have the first clue what I was getting myself into. The trainer literally had to show me how to turn on the treadmill,” she stated.

With the help of her patient, determined trainer, Burnham began to get the hang of working out — and she stuck with it.

Burnham Completely Transformed Her Life — And Took Back Her Health

Nancy Burnham

Fast forward to a year after first stepping foot in a gym, and Nancy Burnham is 30 pounds lighter. She reversed her heart disease and went off all of her medications.

“I felt confident and powerful. I’m 70 now, and some days, I feel every one of those years—but what I’ve realized is that my age is just a number,” she admitted.

Many older people have told Burnham how much she inspires them, and it encouraged her to make a difference. Burnham became a physical trainer at the age of 65, and she works with individuals between the ages of 50 and 78.

Nancy Burnham feels like she has found her calling, and she aims to help seniors change their mindset about health.

“I encourage all seniors—of any age and any health situation—to go to their local gym to improve their longevity and quality of life. Bending down to put on your shoes doesn’t have to hurt!”

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