Where you came from ?! Questions Are Swirling Around Michael Flynn's Ties to Turkey
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What Did Trump Know About Michael Flynn? When Did He Know It?

What did he know and when did he know it? This has been the quintessential Washington, DC question for decades. This week, many people are asking that about what the Trump Administration knew about Michael Flynn’s work with the Turkish government. It was revealed this week that Flynn has been working as a lobbyist for Turkey and did so throughout the 2016 presidential election. Now people are asking if the Trump campaign knew and when they found out. Flynn was later made President Trump’s head of the National Security Agency (NSA). He was fired after 24 days on the job because he had misled Vice President Pence about a conversation Flynn had with the Russian ambassador.

For its part, the Trump White House has said different things at different times. At first Sean Spicer, the press secretary, asserted that the president did not know until Michael Flynn had registered with the government that he was a foreign agent throughout the campaign. The problem with this is that there are at least several accounts of the campaign being advised that they should look into Flynn’s work with the Turkish government.

Flynn had his lawyers talk to the Trump transition about his work for the Turkish government. Critics want to know when the president knew but also say that whether it is an issue of a lax vetting process or a willful disregard for Flynn’s work with Turkey, the new information should be taken seriously.

He was paid at least $530,000 over the previous 12 months. There is nothing to suggest that he did any work for the foreign entity after the November election.

The conflicting statements from the White House regarding Flynn’s lobbying actions mirror those made about his departure from the NSA. At first the president was quick to defend his loyal advisor and blame the “fake media.” This tune changed this week after Flynn’s connection to Turkey was made public. Vice President Pence said that this vindicated the president’s decision to fire Flynn.

One issue about the Flynn/Turkey connection is the fact that he was helping Trump formulate his policy towards the country. Another is the fact that Flynn was receiving classified intelligence briefings while advising Turkey.

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