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There Were A Lot Of Weird Movies In 2017, But These Will Confuse The Heck Out Of You

Not every movie can settle for simply satisfying the audience. Some will do anything to get audiences to see things from a unique and odd angle. And while these movies can be interesting, they’re often confusing, if not downright frustrating. Here are our top five picks for the most confusing movies of 2017.

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

At first glance, Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Killing Of A Sacred Deer looks more normal than Lanthimos’ The Lobster. For the first half of the movie, it seems that the movie takes place in our world, just with characters who deliver deadpan dialogue and lumps of dark humor. Then we find out that a boy has cursed the protagonist’s family. How this curse works and how the boy has access to this magic, we have no idea. The next movie on our list did give audiences an ending explanation, albeit an absurd one.


A Cure For Wellness

A Cure For Wellness takes on the classic psychological thriller paradigm, making us wonder what’s real and what isn’t. And it works fine for the most part — at first. But as the story runs along, growing ever-more bizarre and convoluted, audiences are alienated beyond saving. The story is so nonsensical, that the next movie on our list may seem intuitive in comparison.

Facebook/A Cure For Wellness

Song To Song

Terence Malick brings his trademark style to a love story set in the music industry. The plot is simple enough. We follow a love triangle as it unfolds and breaks down. But, as with other Malick movies, the editing can throw audiences off. The flow of the film is like a dream or stream of consciousness, which can intrigue audiences and confuse them in equal measure. If one thing can be agreed upon, it’s that the characters feel real and their decisions make sense, unlike the next flick.

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The Bad Batch

As creative and visually-unique as The Bad Batch is, the behavior of some of the characters baffled us. It follows a girl named Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) who’s been exiled to a cannibal-infested desert. In her struggle to survive, Arlen ends up killing a woman and kidnapping her daughter. It turns out that that’s cannibal Miami Man’s (Jason Momoa) romantic partner and daughter. He sets out in search of his daughter, unaware that Arlen is behind it all. At the end of the movie, Miami Man retrieves his daughter, but she doesn’t point out that Arlen was the one who kidnapped her in the first place. Secondly, despite Arlen appearing to despise the cannibals, she decides to live with the Miami Man instead of The Dream (Keanu Reeves)–a man in charge of the cannibal-free society of Comfort. It’s a strange movie for sure, but the mother of all strange movies from 2017 is next on our list.

Human Stew Factory


Motheris a surrealistic monster that left audiences everywhere baffled. In a nutshell, the story is about a woman whose house is overrun by chaotic guests who disregard her every wish. It’s a crazy, mysterious, and violent movie. Later (albeit probably too late), director Darren Aronofsky came out and said that the story was a biblical allegory reflecting our disrespect for mother earth. Needless to say, that’s not exactly the message viewers walked away from this bizarre movie with.


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