Where you came from ?! These Epic Weight Loss Transformations Will Inspire You
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These Epic Weight Loss Transformations Will Inspire You On Your Own Fitness Journey

Completing reinventing your daily habits is no easy task. Sticking to a diet and exercise program can be especially difficult, but the weight loss results can be utterly mind-blowing. These transformations are anything but subtle, and you may be inspired to reach your own wellness goals. Time to get up and get moving!



This Man’s Smile Mirrors His Weight Loss Success



With the help of gastric sleeve surgery and an exercise routine, this man was able to lose 200 pounds in just one year. His smile in the transformation photo says it all!


This Man Kept Getting, No Matter The Setback


Losing 350 pounds in a matter of three years is no easy feat. Despite all of his struggles, he is proud and happy to finally be healthy. “Thanks for a second go at life,” he wrote on Instagram.


Sobriety Changed This Man’s Life — And His Figure


This 48-year-old man decided to quit drinking a year ago, and he has completely transformed. He has lost a total of 35 pounds, and his confidence is showing!


This Young Man Is Barely Recognizable


After losing 130 pounds in two years, this guy looks like an entirely new person! It’s amazing how weight loss will completely change your entire appearance, down to the smallest details.


This Couple Didn’t Have To Take On Weight Loss Alone


This miraculous transformation is filled with love. This couple has lost over 390 pounds combined, and they are still going strong! Their transformation isn’t over, but they wouldn’t want to accomplish this next to anyone else!


A Lot Of Things Can Change In A Year


This woman lost a total of 45 pounds in one year by completely cleaning up her diet. Once she started eating more natural foods and nourishing her body, her health obviously blossomed!


This Transformation Is Anything But Spooky


She went from Shrek to Moana in a matter of two years, and she couldn’t look happier. Weight loss changes how you feel about yourself — and she doesn’t have to hide behind a costume to feel confident!


He Dropped Major Pounds To Join The Military


Determined to serve in the U.S. Army, this man lost a total of 230 pounds in order to enlist. This transformation is simply legendary!


Getting Fit Means Taking Your Life Back


This man went from a spectator to part of the main event after losing 200 pounds in a year. This man was able to run a 10k for the first time in his life!


This Radiant Lady Proves It’s Never Too Late To Turn Things Around


Amber once weighed-in at 600 pounds, but she has since shed a massive 400 pounds! She simply looks amazing — and she has been a massive inspiration to those on their own weight loss journeys!

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