Where you came from ?! You're Going To Weep When You See This Kid As Homecoming King
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You’re Going To Weep Great Big Tears When You See This Kid Get Crowned Homecoming King

The four years of high school are life-changing. You transform from a child to a young adult, and have so many formative experiences along the way.

Some people would rather not relive their high school days, but one student is definitely going to look back fondly — he’s literally having the time of his life.

A student named Tyler Kaut from Iowa was recently given the title of homecoming king, and his reaction will bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

Tyler Kaut Is A Very Special Young Man

Eighteen-year-old Tyer Kaut from Pleasant Hill, Iowa was born with down syndrome. Since his birth, his parents were worried about how his school years would play out. Little did they know, there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

“Tyler has a lot of friends at the school,” his father Mike stated.

The Des Moines Register

Tyler is quite a popular guy, and his mother admits that the Southeast Polk school district has been wonderful for his development. “The kids at school are just so awesome. They are really kind and accepting, and they just offer him unconditional love,” Tyler’s mother Diane stated.

Even though his parents are aware that Tyler’s social circle is large, they were not at all prepared for what happened at a recent morning assembly.

Tyler Was Crowned Homecoming King

After three weeks of voting amongst seniors, Tyler Kaut was announced homecoming king.

Tyler’s parents were also present at the assembly, and they were just as surprised.

The Des Moines Register

“He actually knows everybody in that school, but I didn’t know that meant he was going to win. All the other guys that were selected for the homecoming court are great guys, too. Honestly, it’s too bad they all can’t be homecoming king,” Mike Kaut stated.

Tyler’s reaction once his name was called? He literally couldn’t contain himself!

Tyler Didn’t Hold Back His Excitement

Once Tyler’s name was announced he ran into the middle of the auditorium, jumping up and down with excitement.

This 18-year-old has a reason to throw his hands in the air in celebration.

USA Today


His crowning of homecoming king falls on the 18th anniversary of a heart surgery he had as a baby.

Luckily, Tyler is definitely a fighter through and through.

“He always stays upbeat and, honestly, he is the one who lifts us up when we are down,” Diane Kaut stated.

Watch Tyler’s entire sweet reaction in the video below!

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