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Watch ‘Stephen Colbert’ Return for a Heartfelt Goodbye to Bill O’Reilly

Stephen Colbert revisited his Colbert Report persona on The Late Show on Wednesday to bid farewell to Bill O’Reilly. The longtime Fox News host was let go yesterday after revelations that he had a long history of sexual harassment towards female co-workers.

“I owe at lot to Bill O’Reilly,” Colbert said. “I spent over nine years playing a character largely based on him… So, tonight, we at The Late Show are proud to issue a statement from Bill O’Reilly’s biggest fan: conservative pundit Stephen Colbert.”

The right-wing alter ego that made Colbert famous then proceeded to scold the nation. “Shame on you: You failed Bill O’Reilly,” he declared. “You didn’t deserve this great man. All he ever did was have your back. And if you were a woman, have a go at the front too.”

The Late Show host eventually returned and was much less sympathetic to the former Fox News star. “We all saw this coming at us, like an old man cornering an intern in the break room,” he said. And while Colbert acknowledged that O’Reilly’s show was remarkable by commercial standards, he added, “By moral standards, he was a self-righteous landfill of angry garbage.”

In closing, Colbert took a moment to offer his condolences to O’Reilly’s fans. “In case you’re a fan of sexual harassers who are on TV all the time,” he said, “we still have Donald Trump.”

O’Reilly’s future with Fox News had been up in the air since The New York Times published an article earlier this month. The piece revealed how Fox News and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, had repeatedly stood by O’Reilly after he and the company reached settlements with five woman who complained about sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior by him. The agreements totaled around $13 million.

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