Where you came from ?! Guy Creates Viral Job Application That Is Taking The Internet By Storm
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Guy Creates Viral Job Application That Is Taking The Internet By Storm

It’s become pretty common to see high school students going to great lengths to get the attention of admissions counselors. But this might be the first time you’ll see someone apply for a job like this.

You’ve gotta admit — this is creative

When Dawayne Kirkland caught wind that digital media company VaynerMedia was hiring, he knew that he would be one of thousands to send in an application for the job. But that didn’t deter him, he made sure to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Owner Gary Vaynerchuk was on the hunt for a “content army,” AKA a swath of millennials with the ability to churn out articles, video, gifs, tweets, and just about any other snackable bits of media you can imagine, with the hopes of going viral.

So Kirkland didn’t just apply — he created some of that sweet, sweet content.

Kid’s got bars

Kirkland wrote, performed, and created a rap video about how he deserved the job, all set to Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA.” The lyrics roll up the screen while Kendrick’s head mouths the words.

With lines like “Internship on internship inside my resume/in that visual communications, I got a BFA” Kirkland recapped his whole application in just a little over a minute.

He also addressed his work ethic — “I’m a hard worker and you can criticize/I won’t take it personal, I know there’s room to rise” and even managed to fit his willingness to relocate into his rhymes.



If Vayner wants a viral hitmaker, Kirkland is their man

Sure enough, Kirkland’s rap application went viral, hitting the number two spot on r/videos on Reddit in just a few short hours.

According to the poster, a friend of Kirkland’s, Vaynerchuk hasn’t gotten in touch yet. But anyone with half a brain would hire this kid in a heartbeat.



So Gary, what’s it gonna be?

Click here to watch Kirkland’s viral job resume on YouTube.

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