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DirectExpose is an entertainment media magazine published by Novelty Magazines.

Sick of scrolling through a bunch of random news outlets for the stories you really want to read? Never fear, you’ve come to the right place! DirectExpose is your number one source for all things pop culture, delivered directly to you by our team of passionate Tinseltown experts. At DirectExpose you will find reliable reports and in depth analyses of the hottest events and trends, making sure you’re always in the know about everything that really matters. The DirectExpose team consists solely of people who are as obsessed with Hollywood as you are – and wait till you read what they have to say about it. Never again will you feel left out of a conversation because you didn’t know the latest details about the next big celebrity event in the news that everyone is talking about. We’ve got it all right here for you in one place, and everything is super easy to find!

The Low Down

In The Low Down, we tell it like it is. Here is where you’ll find everything you need about your favorite TV shows, movies and music acts, as well as related topics from around the web.

Walk of Fame

The DirectExpose Walk of Fame is the place to find all the latest and hottest entertainment news from around the web.

The Drill Down

The Drill Down is where you’ll find opinionated pieces from our team of excellent, knowledgeable writers.

Way Back

Is nostalgia more your thing? Way Back is the place for you! Here you will find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s entertainment, all the way up to the early ’00s!

The Outside World

The Outside World is the place for things that aren’t necessarily entertinment related, but are still seriously buzzworthy.