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United Airlines Passenger Stung by a Scorpion on a Calgary-Bound Flight

This week looks like the worst week for United Airlines. After a drag-and-drop incident of passenger that went viral on social media, here comes another turbulence on the airline’s already troubled name. A Canadian man claimed that he was stung by a scorpion while on board. To make matters worse, this happened the same day a doctor was dragged off and removed from a United flight.

Richard Bell got stung by a scorpion

Richard Bell

The poisonous arachnid fell on Richard Bell’s head while he was having his lunch on a business class seat. “We boarded the plane and we were on the plane about an hour having dinner and something fell on my head so I grabbed it. I was hanging onto it and then it uh … realized what it was and my neighbor was a gentleman from Mexico and he said, “That’s a scorpion and they’re dangerous!’ So I dropped it on my tray and I went to grab it again and that’s when I got stung,” he narrated to CBC News.

Richard Bell got stung by a scorpion

CBC News

“It stung like a wasp stinging you, you know? It stung me on the thumb, right next to my nail. I kinda flicked it onto the floor. We covered it up with a cup so it wouldn’t get around and then got outta the chair, and we hit it with a shoe. And the guy sitting next to us said the lighter they are, the more poisonous they are, and this one was very light. It was about an inch and a quarter inch and a half long, and that’s the size that are dangerous too. It was lucky that it hit my nail more than my skin, I think. Maybe my thumbnail saved me a little bit,” he continued.

Bell’s wife, Linda, said flight attendants were quick to respond and get rid of the scorpion by flushing it down the toilet. However, it is still unclear how the scorpion got on the plane’s overhead bin.

United confirm the incident and said their flight attendants assisted Richard when he was stung ‘by what appeared to be a scorpion’. United stated, “Our crew immediately consulted with a MedLink physician on the ground who provided guidance throughout the incident and assured our crew that it was not a life-threatening matter.” A medical professional went to see the customer when the plane landed in Calgary.

man got stung by a scorpio on a united flight

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One passenger, John Roger, added that emergency personnel, police, and fire department boarded the plane after Richard was bitten by a scorpion. Linda also confirmed that United apologized for the incident and offered compensation.


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