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United Nations Drops Honorary Ambassador Wonder Woman

Less than two months after she was appointed the Honorary Ambassador for Women Empowerment, Wonder Woman has been dropped according to a report by Reuters. This move follows a popular online petition that was created to fight the appointment of the DC Comics icon. The petition cited her body and costume, saying they were inappropriate for the title.

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Attracting more than 40,000 supporters, the petition mentioned that the current view of the character was one of a large breasted woman of white origin and impossible proportions. Further, the petition added, Wonder Woman is scantily clad with her thighs showing. For these reasons and more, the view was that this DC icon is more of a pinup girl than a character to look up to.

Although the petition was intended to run into next year, it was halted after the United Nations dropped the character. Wonder Woman joins other fictional Honorary Ambassadors on the UN roster, including Tinker Bell, Winnie the Pooh, and the red Angry Bird.

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The United Nations announced that Wonder Woman was always intended to serve in the position temporary. According to Jeffrey Brez, the UN spokesman, there was no concrete plan for her ambassadorship to last longer than it has.

Among all the fictional appointments, Wonder Woman’s seemed to be the most fitting in Brez’s view. Making her debut in the early 40s, she was created by William Marston to serve as an apt role model for young girls. However, in a message to Coulton Waugh in 1945, Marston stated that the model was psychological propaganda depicting the kind of woman he believed should rule the world.

In her 75 year history, Wonder Woman has served in various capacities as an agent and translator for the United Nations, as well as an Amazonian ambassador.

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Needless to say, the creator of the art for the United Nations and DC Comics, Nicola Scott expressed her disappointment after the UN dropped her character. She went on a rant saying that real life women ought to hold roles for equality and female empowerment within the UN framework. However, the honorary ambassador role was created strictly for fictional characters. She also quipped asking why it wasn’t possible to have both of these. Defending herself, she said that fictional characters can cross the boundaries and borders that restrict real people. They are, in addition, universally accessible and it is possible to reform them as required.

Anyway, DC Comics still plans to continue supporting this campaign. To them, Wonder Woman represents equality, justice, and peace. She has been motivating people for many years and will continue doing so, either in the capacity of an Honorary Ambassador or in her personal creative capacity.

Do you think Wonder Woman made a good honorary ambassador? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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