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Tyga Detained by LAPD for Traffic Violation

Tyga was stopped by police officers a few minutes after he left Avenue Nightclub. After a few questions and answers between the paparazzi and Tyga, the young artist went out on his way to his car. After showing off his new ride, which is a Mercedes G-wagon, he started to drive off. A few blocks down the road, Tyga was stopped by police on patrol.

tyga detained by lapd


The police officers then started a protocol field sobriety test when people including the paparazzi started to gather around. In a video uploaded by TMZ, Tyga was seen being handcuffed and being loaded into a patrol car. He was then taken to the Los Angeles police station.

A few minutes after being taken to the police station, Tyga was released with only a minor traffic violation. He was issued a ticket for driving without license or insurance.


Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

Initially, Tyga was stopped because police suspected that he was driving drunk. But as people started to gather around and the paparazzi began taking photos, the police officers decided that it was best that they conduct the sobriety test at the station, to prevent the situation from escalating.

Tyga, however, passed the test and was released afterward. He was picked up by his friends and was sent home with only a minor ticket.


David Becker/GettyImages

A traffic violation ticket may be the last thing on this young man’s mind as there are a lot of other issues he has to face. One of those issues comes in the form of a Shyanne Riekena. A concert goer who sued Tyga’s music company after a light fixture fell and hit her on the head during one of Tyga’s concerts. Now the young lad owes Shyanne more than $248K, and she is waiting for her money to get paid. Tyga’s company, on the other hand, has yet to pay their debt.

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