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Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin Lock Horns In Epic Twitter War

The Twitter war between President-elect Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin took a turn for the worse after the airing of the latest episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Baldwin, who has been renowned for impersonating Trump, took to the stage of SNL for his latest skit and he did not disappoint. He made the most of the opportunity to have another go at Trump and Trump could not resist fighting back.

twitter war


Since November last year, when Baldwin first started doing the Trump impersonation, putting an emphasis on his lack of abilities and that of his team, the tussle between the two has initiated on Twitter. Every time Trump is made fun of on SNL, he responds to the show using his social media account. Baldwin’s instant responses to Trump’s bashing has kept the fire burning between the two.

twitter war

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In the latest episode of SNL, Baldwin who was again dressed as Trump is shown to be in a middle of security briefing. He is accompanied by his secretary/campaign manager Kelly Anne Conway, acted by Kate McKinnon and two other members of his team. During such a high profile and sensitive meeting, Trump is shown to be retweeting random people, one is a 16-year high school boy Seth, second is a guy that just posted a profile picture with ‘infidel’ written on it and third is a guy who believes that liberalism is a mental illness. The two team members alongside the manager are trying to emphasize the importance of the meeting and the vulnerability that different countries in the world possess. But, Trump simply does not care and stays glued to his mobile.

After watching the show, Trump understandably became increasingly upset and took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the show and Baldwin. He labeled the show as ‘unwatchable, biased, not funny’ and regarded Baldwin’s efforts as ‘cannot get any worse’ and ‘sad’.

It was only a matter of minutes before Baldwin responded and the battle of words between the two continued. He ridiculed the newly elected President to release his tax returns and promised to stop mocking him, once he has done that. He also added a sarcastic ‘Ha’ at the end of his response.

Trump who has been heavily criticized by various TV channels as well the Democrats for hiding his assets, not declaring his income and subsequently not paying proper taxes on them, was again pinched at it by Alec Baldwin in his latest mocking tweet.


Has this been the final round in the Trump-Baldwin Twitter war? We’ll see after next week’s episode of SNL.

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