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Twins Get Accepted to 40 Colleges between Them, Granted $900k in Scholarship

Hard work does pay off. That is what this twin from Georgia soon finds out as they bag a scholarship grant amounting to $900,000 worth of offers from 40 colleges. That’s right, twins Akhya C. and Akhea S. Mitchell were accepted into 40 colleges from different states. A feat not every senior high student gets to achieve.

Twins Akhya C. and Akhea S. Mitchell

Kalitha Reynolds

The twins were able to accomplish this feat due to their high grades and active participation in various student organizations. Because of this, the two were able to afford applying to 42 colleges for only $200.

With the help of college fairs and the common application programs, which allow you to apply to a multitude of colleges and universities for a very minimal rate, the twins were able to reach out to as many colleges as they would like, landing them offers, which are hard to say no to.

twins chose two schools

However, despite the multitude of colleges and universities that are offering them scholarship grants, the twins had to make a choice. Thus they narrowed their option to two universities. One of them is North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University which is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and the other one is Howard University, which is located in Washington D.C.

The twins see that their college education is very important to them and that they could do anything they want and achieve their dreams as long as they get the proper education that they need. As one of the sisters put it “We were brought up in an environment that constantly reminded us that we could do and be whatever we wanted to be. Education is the foundation which can’t be destroyed by race or gender”

Twins Akhya C. and Akhea S. Mitchell

ABC News

According to a published article regarding the twins, the two sisters would most likely be going to the same university together and getting the same course as well. According to Akhya “We’re really, really close… And because we’ll most likely be out of State, it’s comforting to us, and to our family, that we’d be able to adjust from home together”.

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