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What Are President-elect Trump’s Views on LGBT Rights?

President- elect Donald Trump rhetoric of championing gay rights came as a surprise for most people, considering that he has consistently been on record in support for traditional marriage. The gay community saw this as a political gimmick to woo gay support into the Republican camp. So far Trump has not released LGBT rights policy paper. The issue of gay marriage and LGBT rights will put Trump’s political competency to test, considering he has no political experience.

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The political class has time and again pulled strings using the LGBT rights platform. In 2012 while President Obama was seeking re- election, he endorsed same sex marriage. In June 2015, same sex marriage became legal all over the country following a decision by the Supreme Court. Gay and LGBT activists may have to brace themselves for tough times ahead considering that the GOP controls both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Richard Grenell is openly gay and was hired by Mitt Romney in 2012 as his Foreign Policy spokesman. He was forced to resign since a number of social conservatists questioned how much Mitt Romney upheld the conservatists’ values.

Trump's views

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Every time one runs for a political office victory is never handed on a silver plate. To wash away the sins of yesterday, you renounce the works of the past and proclaim to be a disciple of the new school of thought if that is what it takes to achieve your goal. Since the shooting and killing of 49 people in an Orlando gay club in June, Trump has come out portraying himself f as pro- gay. In an ironic twist, in recent times Trump has pointed to the effect that he will appoint judges who will reverse last year’s landmark decision on gay marriages saying the issue is best handled at an individual level by every state.

Trump's views

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The campaign season was a battle ground, and Trump did all he could to win; and he did. It is premature to say if Trump on campaign trail will be consistent or inconsistent with Trump the Commander-In- Chief. For a fact, what remains to be seen is whether Trump’s regime will be supportive of gay marriage and LGBT rights against the background of conservative party that has anti-LGBT track record. Even if Trump has genuinely had a change of heart and would like to support LGBT rights, it is going to be an uphill task for him to convince both the legislature and the executive to endorse LGBT and gay marriage rights.

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