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Trump’s Second Travel Ban Blocked by Two Courts

President Donald Trump’s second bite at the travel ban apple has been shot down by two federal judges. U.S. District Judges Theodore Chuang (Maryland, the 4th Circuit) and Derrick Watson (Hawaii, the 9th Circuit) issued rulings that block the implementation of the president’s most recent executive order barring people from six countries from entering the United States. All six countries have primarily Muslim populations. Both orders were set on the grounds that the executive order is discriminatory based 0n religion. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution bars discrimination based on religion.

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In his order, Judge Watson said, “A reasonable, objective observer — enlightened by the specific historical context, contemporaneous public statements, and specific sequence of events leading to its issuance — would conclude that the Executive Order was issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion.”

These sentiments were echoed by the order issued in Maryland. Chuange wrote, “While the travel ban bears no resemblance to any response to a national security risk in recent history, it bears a clear resemblance to the precise action that President Trump described as effectuating his Muslim ban.”

Both orders are in response to the Executive Order that was issued by the president on March 6. The second travel ban was put through after the first was struck down by a panel of appellate judges in the 9th Circuit.

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The president doubles down on his travel ban.

For his part, the president is doubling down on his desire to limit who can enter the United States. He spoke last night to a group of supporters in Nashville. Of the new decisions to block his executive order, he said that the second order was a “watered down” version of the first and that he wanted to go back to the original version of the ban.

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