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Trump Reveals His Plan for the First 100 Days as President

The Republican candidate Donald Trump won the presidency on Tuesday night. During his victory speech, he pushed for unity among all Americans. Now that he is the president-elect for the United States, what plan does he have for the first 100 days in office?

Trump's plan

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At the end of October while in a campaign trail, the President-elect Donald Trump released a 100-day action plan that will make America Great Again. He said, “This is my contract between the American voters and me.”

The action plan focuses on three major areas: Cleaning up Washington, Protecting American workers and restoring the rule of law.

Trump's plan

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On Trump’s plan to clean up Washington DC, he had the following measures. First, propose an amendment to the constitution to impose term limits on all congress members. The second thing is hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce the workforce of the federal through attrition with an exemption of public health, the military, and public safety. Third, a requirement to the existing regulations must be eliminated for every new federal regulation.

Trump also promise to impose a five-year ban on congressional officials and the Whitehouse becoming lobbying after leaving the government service as his fourth measure. Fifth, he will impose a lifetime ban on foreign lobbyist raising funds for American elections. Finally, on his plan to clean Washington DC, Trump pledged to impose a complete ban on the Whitehouse officials that lobby on behalf of a foreign government.

Trump's plan

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Trump’s plan on protecting the American workers includes: renegotiating on matters to do with NAFTA or completely withdraw from the deal under Article 2205. He intends to withdraw from the Trans-pacific partnership. Direct the Treasury Secretary to label China as a currency manipulator. Lift the Obama-Clinton restriction imposed on oil, shale, clean coal production and natural gas. The president-elect Donald Trump also pledged to allow Keystone pipeline to move forward. He also intends to cancel the payments made to the United Nations on Climate change and use the funds to repair America water and environmental infrastructure.

On his plan to restore the rule of law, Donald Trump promise to within the first 100 days cancel every executive action and order issued by President Obama that is unconstitutional. Start the process of replacing Justice Scalia from 20 judges on his list, to defend and uphold the United States Constitution. He will also cancel all the federal funding to sanctuary cities.

Trump's plan

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The president-elect Donald Trump also pledged to remove more than two million illegal migrants from the United States and cancel all visas to foreign countries who will refuse to take them back. Trump promised to fully fund the construction of a wall on the southern border between the U.S and Mexico and have Mexico reimburse the money. He also intends to fully repeal and replace Obamacare and replace it with health saving accounts.

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