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Trump’s First Cabinet Meeting Experiences Vacancies

There is no real way to get around it. Trump is an interesting figure, one that can stir up a media feeding frenzy in the blink of an eye. Through some combination of the train wreck effect (can’t look away), a uniform dislike from the established Dems and Republicans, and an intriguing, unfaltering fan base, Donald Trump is not just President of the United States, but of the media at large. This has only become more obvious after Trump’s first cabinet meeting.

A Case of the Mondays

Trump’s presidency has stirred up a lot of controversy in an already uncertain time, yet many remain faithful that he is the hero America needs to climb out of this dark, desolate pit of corruption it has dug for itself.

vacant government seats

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While almost all Americans agree the government is ineffective and untrustworthy, the public does not know just who is responsible for it all. That is why many are uncertain as to whether Trump is a hero, or another corporate puppet.

Well Trump’s first cabinet meeting, one that was held yesterday, has shed a bit of light on that question. It seems four people had a case of the Mondays during Trump’s meeting, and did not show up.

When asked why, Trump said that the absent seats were caused exclusively by delays from the Dems who were engaging unabashedly in “partisan politics” as it is called. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

What Does This Mean for America?

A lot of what Trump has done during his two month presidency has been quite good at stirring up controversy. The thing is, the people aren’t happy, they want change, and change always brings controversy with it.

partisan politics

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While many may not be happy with Trump’s policies and cabinet picks, he has enacted more policies in two months than most do in an entire term.

So though some may still be skeptical of Trump, the fact that both established parties reject him may bode well for the American people. American politics has been stagnant for a long time, due in large part to this obsolete, grid-lock of a bi-partisan system many insist on clinging to.

That is why myself and many others on the inside track are interested in seeing just what station the Trump train stops at.

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