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Trump’s First Budget Makes Drastic Cuts to Domestic Programs

President Donald Trump’s first budget is out and it has something to upset just about everyone. Mick Mulvaney did a number of interviews to promote and talk up the plan. He called it compassionate and needed to keep the United States safe. The budget, called “skinny” and a “hard power budget” slashes many programs that help the poorest people in the country.

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The budget proposal also will cut the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by 31.4%, State Department by 28.7%,  Labor Department by 20.7%, Agriculture Department by 20.7%, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by 16.2%,  Department of Education by 13.5% and Department of Housing and Urban Development by 13.2%. The budget proposal also eliminates a number of programs that help the needy. It boosts defense spending and the budget for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The budget came from Trump’s speeches.

The budget director, and others, said the proposal was taken directly from speeches the president gave during the campaign. Mulvaney, and others, said the team that put the budget proposal together went through the president’s speeches from the campaign and interviews he gave with the media to set the priorities in the proposal that they presented to Congress.

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Not everyone is on board with the budget.

The president’s budget is only a suggestion. The real budget is not drafted by the Executive Branch but is written and passed by Congress. As it was presented, Trump’s blueprint for federal spending hurts many people around the nation. Another problem is the fact that this plan does nothing to address the real spending in Washington. While it may be easier to cut discretionary spending, the lion’s share of spending is on entitlement programs. These are left completely alone in the president’s plan. Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) put it this way, “The president proposes and Congress disposes. We can’t finance a defense buildup entirely on the back of domestic, non-defense spending. It’s not realistic and unfair.”

While some say the proposal put forth this week shows Trump’s commitment to the promises he made, others see many promises broken. For example, during the campaign, he talked a lot about improving the infrastructure around the country but this proposal cuts all of the programs that would make that happen.

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