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Trump University Settles With Accusers

Donald Trump has moved fast to clear his name ahead of the inauguration. Major news sources are now reporting that he has settled the Trump University lawsuit to the tune of $25 million. The agreement to settle was reached a few months back, and it is believed that Trump moved fast in order to prevent these kinds of stories from being the main topic of coverage and overshadowing what is expected to be a simple inauguration process. The settlement comes a day before the deadline and 3 days before the president-elected officially takes charge as the 45th president of the US.

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The money in question has been placed in an Escrow account by the former Trump University outfit, which now goes by the name Trump Entrepreneur Initiative. The name was modified after authorities ordered a change because they believed that the old moniker was misleading. The argument was that there was no actual institution, and the name led to people believing that there was actually an accredited academic institution that provided accredited courses. At the moment, the Initiative is dormant and exists for the purposes of reference in the court process it is embroiled with.

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Donald Trump is said to have given the nod for his name to be used by tutors who claimed that they would ensure students learned real estate secrets from the real estate mogul’s playbook. There were course materials that cost their fair share of money, and the fees for each student ran into tens of thousands of dollars. Sadly for those who registered for these courses, the content did not live up to the hype. According to reports, students realized that they had been fleeced by the institution, which is why a large number of them filed for compensation. It is believed that Trump himself collected millions of dollars directly as a result of his involvement with Trump University.

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While the million dollar agreement seems to be the right move forward, there is real fear in the Trump camp that the settlement might set a dangerous precedent where people expect the new President to settle every time he is sued. Whether that holds, only time will tell.

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