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President-elect Trump Calls for Closer USA-Russia Ties

US president-elect Donald Trump took to twitter on Saturday to call for closer ties between Russia and the USA, saying that anyone who thought otherwise was a “fool” or “stupid” person.

The United States, one Tweet read, has “enough problems in the world without yet another one” and that Russia would “respect” the United States more than they did now once he is sworn in. “Both countries should work together,” he continued, “to solve the many great issues and problems of the world.”

This is days since an intelligence report accused Putin and Russia of meddling with the US elections on the behalf of Trump.

The president elect has repeatedly questioned the exactitude of the report crediting a classified report handed to him on Friday for his changing of mind.

The report directly linked Russia’s Vladimir Putin to election interference and insisted that Russia had a clear preference for the Republican then-candidate Donald Trump over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


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Trump, regardless, tweeted that in the middle of so many global issues facing the USA, the last thing America would have on the list would be testy ties with Moscow. Only fools, according to Trump, would call having a good relationship with Russia bad, adding that this could allow the eternal rivals to find it necessary to work together in the future.

Russia has been accused of meddling in the USA election in a bid to sway the results in favor of Donald Trump. A report accused Putin of scheming to trick people, especially government employees in the national security department, into revealing their email passwords to Russian spies.


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The report has been described by the experts as the most detailed account of Russian scheme to hack emails accounts of individual Democrats and the Democratic National, among them Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.

The unclassified version accused the Russian Government of sharing the obtained emails with Wikileaks, which would then publish them on their website and social media accounts. Website founder Julian Assange – who’s still being pursued by the US government – has since come out deny receiving their information from Russian intelligence. The report noted that the information in the emails could as well have passed from Russian spies to Wikileaks editors through middlemen.


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Trump’s remarks seem to have partly confuted what he had earlier said, after meeting with four intelligence chiefs, that truly Russia and China could pose a major cyber threat to the USA. Even though, he has maintained that there was no intention by the Russian president to sway election in favor of any of the presidential candidates.

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