Where you came from ?! These Are the Surprising True Stories Behind Hollywood Movies
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These Are the Surprising True Stories Behind Hollywood Movies

1. The Revenant

“The Revenant” became known as the movie that finally gave Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar and the character he was acting as is based on a real-life hunter, frontiersman, fur trapper, trader, and explorer who went through all a series of horrid experiences.

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Hugh Glass’s story is still being told almost 200 years after he experienced it and even though we don’t know for sure how true it is, he still became a legend. During General Ashley’s expedition, Glass said he was attacked by a grizzly bear and left for dead by the people he traveled with. He ended up surviving and traveled over 200 miles to Fort Kiowa, South Dakota with barely any belongings.

2. The Help

The 2011 movie “The Help” starring Viola Davis and Emma Stone is based on the book of the same name written by Kathryn Stockett in 2009. While it is not a real story, there is some truth to it.

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The novel took place during the segregated 1960’s in Jackson, Mississippi and showed the relationships between African-American maids and their white bosses. Stockett was born at the end of the 1960’s in Jackson and said she was very close with her maid growing up. After the book became popular, though, her brother’s maid Ablene Cooper filed a lawsuit against her claiming she based the main character on her but Stockett denied this.

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