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The Tragic Case of Gypsy and Dee Dee Blancharde

To outsiders, they were the ultimate mother-daughter duo. Mom, Dee Dee Blancharde, a doting caretaker who strove to keep her daughter comfortable and happy even as incurable illness ravaged her body. Daughter, Gypsy, a sickly girl who brightened her mother’s life with her bright smile and sparkling eyes. Sadly, beneath the surface brewed sinister intentions on both sides. So what was real and what was merely a figment of the imagination? Read on to learn about the lies, truths and tragedy that sorrounded Gypsy and Dee Dee Blancharde’s lives.

1. Portrait of a Sickly Girl: The Story of Gypsy

She wore glasses that appeared too big for her small, childlike face. Her voice matched her innocent look, lilting slight but purposeful. At her mother’s side, she would parade about in sparkling princess gowns. Wigs sat atop her head, cascading and full-bodied, hiding her own withering hair.

The Independent

The Independent

Indeed, the whole world seemed to loom over Gypsy Blancharde. Her life depended upon the dutiful hums of machines; she was at the mercy of modern medicine. As far as anyone was considered, poor Gypsy was frail, broken, and destined to life in bed or in a wheelchair. No one could predict how the story would eventually unravel.

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