Where you came from ?! C-H-E-E-R: These are the Top Cheerleading Squads in the World
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C-H-E-E-R: These Are the Top Cheerleading Squads in the World

“Give me a G . . . Give me an O . . . What does that spell?” Sports are great but it’s all made even better by the amazing cheerleaders. What would the Super Bowl be without cheerleaders? Probably like a party without cake. The flashy outfits, impressive high-kicks and cartwheels all add to the fun of the game. If you’ve ever found yourself enjoying the dancing cheerleaders waving their pom-poms more than the game itself, then this gallery of top sports teams’ cheerleading squads is certainly for you. So let’s see how these girls bring it on.

1. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: These Boots Were Made for Cheering

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have gone down as one of the best cheerleading squads in the NFL. Their instantly-recognizable ensemble of shorts, vests, and blouses, designed originally by Jody Van Amburgh, makes them a fan favorite too. And how can we forget those iconic white boots?

Top Cheerleading Squads

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Since 2006, the cheerleading squad has had its own reality TV show, “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” which airs on Country Music Television during football season. Maybe it would be more fitting if they were called the Dallas Cowgirls, but no matter the name, they are the experts at getting a crowd to go wild.

2. Miami Heat Dancers: Top of the Game

Just uttering the word “Miami” brings images of the hot sun and smokin’ beach bodies on South Beach, which fit right in with the NBA’s Miami Heat Dancers.  The Heat are one of the NBA’s top teams and definitely needs a top squad cheering them on.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

The Heat Dancers have their own Instagram account with almost 80,000 followers. With 23 women cheering the team on, it is no wonder that things heat up on the court at every game. Read on to see other squads that know how to turn up the heat.

3. Volleyball Cheerleading: Up in the Air

While volleyball isn’t as well known for its cheerleaders like in other sports, these ladies still know how to get the crowd pumped up. Volleyball cheerleaders get really creative with their routines and even have some incredible cheers, all performed on the sand.

Top Cheerleading Squads


Here is an example of one of the cheers that the ladies perform:

O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice)
Serve it, serve it
Go (girl’s name)!
Sideout (name of team)!

Think you’ve seen it all? Wait until you see the other cheerleading squads that’ll knock your socks —or flip flops off— in this case.

4. Sacramento Kings Dancers: Purple is the New Black

The Sacramento Kings basketball team is one of the oldest continuously-operating basketball teams. Supporting them are the the Sacramento King Dancers and they do not disappoint. Fans know them for their purple, silver, black, and white outfits that match those of the basketball players too.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The cheerleaders became especially important in 1998 when the Kings traded for Chris Webber and the Los Angeles Lakers became the team’s biggest rival. There was a ton of negativity, but the King Dancers were instrumental in raising people’s spirits once again. Find out about other the teams’ true colors by reading on.

5. Cincinnati Bengals: Fearsome Stripes

Otherwise known as the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, these gals certainly know how to show off their true stripes with pride. The squad is known for performing awesome routines to cheer on the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals when they play home games at Paul Brown Stadium. However, they also perform at conventions, charity events, trade shows, and grand openings.



The Bengals have been around since 1968 and are one of the older NFL cheerleading squads. One of their most recent claims to fame was being home to member Laura Vikmanis, who joined the squad in 2009 at the age of 40 and became the oldest cheerleader in NFL history. Read on to find out more amazing facts about the top cheerleaders in sports.

6. Toronto Raptors Dancers: Moving & Enrapturing

NBA’s Toronto Raptors are known for their loyal fans and the ladies in the Raptors Dance Pak definitely turn heads during every game. Those who want to join this enrapturing dance team will find that it’s not so simple. Potential members have to go through rigorous auditions. However, the lucky women who make it on the team are so beloved that they have fan followings of their own.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Instagram seems to be the top choice for cheerleaders and it’s incredibly easy for their nearly 14,000 fans to follow them on social media. It’s a great time to be a Raptors fan and thanks to this awesome Dance Pak, games have never been more enjoyable.

7. Baltimore Ravens: The Ultimate Cheerleaders

Only the best of the best would be trusted to get over over 70,000 fans at each game go wild. These women know their sport well and have to be dedicated to doing it professionally. In order to join this cheerleading squad, dancers must be available for at least two practices per week and attend all home games during the season from April to December.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Andy Lyons /Allsport

Making it onto this team is tough and of the thousands that apply, only a few make it. There are 33 members in the squad and the cheerleaders’ uniforms have essentially remained the same since the team’s establishment in 1996.

8. Houston Rockets Dancers: Rocking the Fields

The 13 ladies  of the NBA’s Houston Rockets Dancers certainly know how to make the games take off, thanks to their awesome routines. On July 5, 2017, the Rockets held a final tryouts event which was open to the public and recorded on the team’s snapchat account.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

One of the choreographers for the squad, Natalie Alvarado, was recorded as saying “I believe in the underdog,” and that’s why everyone is given the opportunity to try out. Fans on social media were allowed to vote for their favorite dancers out of the 100 finalists. The ones selected are definitely on top of the world. How do they compare to their competition?

9. Philadelphia Eagles: Flying High-Kicks

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders are known for being incredibly sultry, so much so, that its homepage once had to carry a mature content warning. One look at a routine can tell you why. The squad debuted in 1948 as the Eaglettes and then became the Liberty Bells during the ’70s. They finally decided on their current name in 1980s.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The squad also has an artsy side and has been the only team to perform at the amFAR Inspirational Gala in New York. Even their uniforms are on the side of high fashion. None other than top fashion designer Vera Wang created their look. Read on to see how other cheerleaders strut their stuff.

10. Boston Celtics Dancers: Lucky Clovers

The high-energy Boston Celtics are cheered on by none other than the team’s equally-energetic Boston Celtic Dancers. They aim to bring luck to every game and dancers don a clover leaf on all their outfits as they lead the crowd during home games.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

What makes this squad really awesome is that the team is made up of women and men with impressive backgrounds in cheerleading, acrobatics, and tricking, a type of martial art. In order to apply for auditions, one has to have a background in co-ed stunting and cheerleading. Do the other teams also have an exotic mix of talents? Read on to find out.

11. Atlanta Hawks Dancers: Hawking & Cheering

Representing the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks is no simple feat, but 26 dancers know how to work it and create an incredible atmosphere at the games. The 2017-2018 auditions took place on June 10, 2017. Which dancers will be gracing the court with unforgettable moves?

Top Cheerleading Squads

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s not so simple to join the squad. Cheerleaders have to be 19 or older and must have a high school graduate or G.E.D. What’s more, the dancers need to have a job or be a student. On top of all that, they must still attend rehearsals at least twice a week. Do the other squads also have such strict requirements? If you read on, you’ll find out.

12. New York Jets: The Flight Crew

The New York Jets are a top NFL team in the New York metropolitan area and its cheerleaders, The Flight Crew, certainly take the fans for the ride of a lifetime at each show. With 80,000 fans on the field at MetLife Stadium, this squad certainly needs to impress and has some of the top dance moves.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Mulholland/Getty Images

These cheerleaders also get to enjoy modeling opportunities, appearances at Jets promotional events, and even media and television exposure. Cheerleaders need to be over 18 years old and be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D. They also need a reliable means of transportation to attend all rehearsals, promotional appearances, and home games.

13. Houston Texans: Bigger and Better

The NFL’s Houston Texans like everything bigger and better, and rightfully so. Texans also get extremely excited about NFL season with over 2,000 women showing up for the team’s first cheerleader tryouts. Some people joke that the Texan’s dancers are the ones who couldn’t make the cut for the Dallas Cowboys, but watching one of their amazing routines proves this is wrong.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Despite only being around for 12 years, this cheerleading squad is definitely one of the most popular in the league. Overall, all Texan cheerleaders are some of the best in the NFL league, especially when it comes to interacting with the fans.

14. Chicago Bulls Dancers: Bullseye!

Also dubbed the Chicago Luvabulls, these dancers have a lot to live up to when cheering for one of the best NBA teams, the Chicago Bulls. This group of 25 dancers certainly get the job done well with lively routines, high-power music and awesome metallic uniforms.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This squad has just as many fans as the team they cheer on and their Instagram page is on fleek with 44,600 followers. If you think they’re fun, wait until you see how the other squads bring it on.

15. Charlotte Hornets Dancers: Honey Bees

The honey bees might seem innocent and cute, but you don’t want to be caught in a cheer off with these ladies! To enter this NBA cheer squad, one doesn’t need any formal dance training experience, but dance skills are recommended. Judges look for physical fitness and personality so they can properly cheer on the Charlotte Hornets.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

They recently starred in their very own Swimsuit Fashion Show at an open-air nightclub and get exciting experiences like doing photo shoots, having special team-building events, travelling internationally, and attending charity events. What’s more, they also get tickets to Hornets games! Pretty awesome, right?

16. Denver Broncos: Bronkettes and Bronco Belles

These cheerleaders, known for their distinct cowgirl uniforms, are the official supporting squad of the NFL’s Denver Broncos and they go above and beyond just dancing on the field. In addition to performing at games, the squad also commits to an annual 1,000 hours of charity and social events across the state of Colorado.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Originally called the Bronkettes, in 1971 the squad was renamed the Bronco Belles. Then in 1977, the team was renamed again and became the Pony Express. The cheers stopped in 1985 but were brought back in 1993. Which other teams have an interesting history?

17. Jazz Dancers: We Are Utah

The NBA arena wouldn’t be complete without the dancers who perform alongside the Utah Jazz players. This squad is unique for a few reasons. Most cheerleading squads have their own routines, but the Jazz Dancers perform jazz, funk, lyrical, and character-type dances. Along with attending games, the dancers visit Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Medical Center to visit the sick and spread cheer during holidays.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Members of the cheerleading squad need to be physically fit with athletic physiques and must be at least 18 years old. The team’s official name at the moment is the America First Jazz Dancers, sponsored by America First Credit Union, though they were known for many years as the Nu Skin Jazz Dancers.

18. Phoenix Suns Dancers: Sisters of the Sun

Supporting the NBA Suns, these ladies sure know how to shine. The Suns Dancers are not only famous for their dancing skills, but for their incredible beauty too. Miss Arizona 2010, Brittany Bell, was a member of the squad, while Jenni Croft and Kat Hurd were contestants on “The Bachelor” in season 11 and 18 respectively. Tiffany Dunn, also a former member, is a singer.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As you can see, their outfits are really eye-catching and capture the sunny and exciting mood of the games. Members need to be 18 or older and need to hold a at least a high school diploma or G.D.E.

19. Portland Trail Blazers Dancers: Pin Wheeling in Red, Black, and White

The NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, commonly known as the Blazers, has a relationship with its fans commonly known as “Blazermania.” The Blazerdancers encourage this relationship with an all-female 16-member team performing dance routines at home games, promotional events, and charity events. They are all about entertainment!

Top Cheerleading Squads


In addition to the main squad, there is also a junior team of dancers aged eight to 11 years old, and a hip hop dance troupe. Other regular in-game entertainment includes a breaking dancing squad called Portland TrailBreakers, an acrobatic team, and a couple of percussion acts too.

20. Oakland Raiders: Raiderettes

The NFL’s Oakland Raiders fans haven’t had much to cheer about in a long time, but the fans are still some of the most passionate in the league. The cheerleading squad is to thank for that. The Raiderettes have been around since 1961, entertaining generations of Raiders fans.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In the old days, the Raiders were one of the best franchises in the NFL and with good franchises come good cheerleaders. The squad is well-known for its iconic uniform and thrilling routines. They’re so good, they keep up morale even when their team is losing. That’s quite a feat!

21. Denver Nuggets Dancers: Pure Gold

The Denver Nuggets were originally known as the Rockets before joining the NBA. After seven seasons, with entry into the NBA imminent, the team renamed itself the “Nuggets”, referring to the 19th century mining boom in Colorado. Its accompanying dancers are pure gold!

Top Cheerleading Squads

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Nugget cheerleaders perform in front of 19,000 fans at each game and travel domestically and internationally for annual calendar shoots, NBA appearances, and dance conventions. Dancers also perform on national television and are sponsored by multiple brands in hair styling, waxing, tanning, gym memberships, and cosmetic dentistry. So, which other teams have such perks?

22. New Orleans Saints: Saintsations

Prior to the Saintsations, the NFL New Orleans Saints had two different sets of dance teams. But in 2001, American All-Star Inc. took over the rights to the dance team and started to promote them and provide a number of different costumes and dance routines.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Under the new franchise, the cheerleading team has become an international ambassador of goodwill by touring with the USO to military bases and other locations to provide entertainment. The ladies are no strangers to the international stage with performance around the globe.

23. The Kansas City Royals KCrew: Royal Cheering

Established in 2007, the KCrew is an energetic and fun bunch of ladies dedicated to entertaining Royals baseball fans. They keep the crowd going by tossing t-shirts and prizes into the stands, as well as hosting interactive promotions around the ballpark. MLB cheerleaders tend to go for a more modest dress code, but still catch the eyes of all fans.

Top Cheerleading Squads


The KCrew are really passionate about the blue Royals baseball team and make appearances throughout the community to spread Royal cheer and excitement for the games. They are certainly a fun cheerleading team to have at community events. Read on to find out which other baseball teams have cheerleading squads.

24. Philadelphia Phillies Ball Girls: Not Just a Ball Girl

So what do the Phillies Ball Girls really do? While some people think they might just be cheerleaders, these MLB girls show the crowd that girls can play baseball too, and really well! The squad gets to showcase their talents with the mitt as well as dancing too.

Top Cheerleading Squads


Throughout the MLB season, the Ball Girls attend charity events, visiting schools and nursing homes, as well as appearing on several media outlets and managing their own blog. They also head the “Red Goes Green” environmental initiative to build sustainable efforts and campaigns.

25. Los Angeles Lakers Dancers: NBA Leaders

The Laker girls are NBA’s equivalent of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in terms of prestige. They have a very Southern Californian look with matching moves to impress. Paula Abdul was originally a Lakers girl, where she was discovered.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Laker girls hold annual auditions in July and even current member must also re-audition to keep her place in the squad. In order to audition, one must come with a resume of previous jobs. Each prospective candidate needs to come prepared with a routine as well. That’s in addition to being taught two routines to perform before the judges and current team.

26. Indianapolis Colts: Indie Cheers

The Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders are one of the NFL’s premier cheerleading squads, performing before more than 63 000 fans at every game. However, it doesn’t end on the field. Off the field the group of 26 women are ambassadors for the organization in order to establish a strong connection between the team and the fans.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This squad is slightly more lenient with its audition requirements, allowing 16-year-old girls to join the team. Cheerleaders need to be available for practice twice a week and need to perform at all home games and appearances in the Indianapolis area. Click on to see which other squads have the same demands?

27. Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefettes

The NFL has enjoyed the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders since its inception in 1960. The all-female squad was once called the Chiefettes in the team’s early days. In the early 1970s,  it was also joined by dance drill teams that performed during pre-game and halftime.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

From 1988-1992, the squad also consisted of men, but since 1993 the team been an all-female squad and goes by the name of the Chiefs Cheerleaders. The girls have had lots to cheer about along with the fans. If you think they look good, check out the rest of the squads.

28. Miami Dolphins: Flipping Around

These ladies flip around the field while supporting the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. The squad is famous for a variety of dance moves, which it performs at Hard Rock Stadium, the home stadium of the Dolphins.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Like other squads, the Dolphins have a youth cheer squad. The adult all-female team, though, is the star and makes USO trips as well as appearances at charity events. The best part is that the squad releases a swimsuit calendar ever year. A lot of cheerleading squads seem to pose in bikinis, right? Find out who else does the same.

29. Golden State Warriors Dancers: The Warrior Dance

The NBA’s Golden State Warriors are cheered on by the dancers of the same name. The squad looks for dancers 18 years and older with great technical abilities, but entertainment and personality are also important factors.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Squad members have to attend and perform at all Golden State Warriors home games. They also have practice three times a week and additional rehearsals can sometimes be scheduled for dance clinics, special events, and playoffs. Perks include media interviews, dance clinics, photo shoots, and team bonding camps.

30. New York Knicks Dancers: Kicks and Knickers

The Knicks City Dancers keep the crowd going, even though the New York Knicks aren’t anything to write home about at the moment. With Broadway only a few steps away, the squad’s routines seem to share the same glitz and glamour in its own routines and outfits.

Top Cheerleading Squads


The girls have an Instagram account on which they upload exciting pics and stories to their almost 21,000 followers. The team is also available to make appearances at social and charity events, both corporate and private. Click on to see more fun cheerleading squads.

31. Washington Wizards: Wiz Lakers

Want to see magic on the court? Look no further than the WizLakers, the dancers who cheer on the NBA’s Washington Wizards at all home games. In addition to wowing crowds of fans, they also support the troops by paying visits to military bases and participating in promotional and charity events throughout the D.C. area.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dancers need to be 18 years or older with transportation, a High School Diploma or G.E.D., and either attend school, have a job or have a family. The squad requires the dancers to be physically fit. Furthermore, hair must be worn down and tattoos must be covered up with make-up during performances.

32. Los Angeles Clippers:  Spirit of the Dance

Just like the Clipper basketball franchise, the Spirit Dance team is also known as the “other” LA NBA dance team. These girls support the underdogs with great outfits and excellent routines. The squads 29,000+ Instagram fans are also treated to endless amounts of great images and updates.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

For those fascinated by the world of professional cheerleading, watch L.A. Clippers Dance Squad. It gives a glimpse into what it takes to be a member of this elite dance team both on and off the court. The squad is directed by Petra Pope, who previously worked for other NBA teams. Pope selects the dancers and trains them to balance life and hardcore training.

33. Orlando Magic Dancers: Magic on the Court

The Magic Dancers enjoy performing in front of 18,000 Orlando Magic basketball fans at every home game. They get local and international exposure and travel around the world while making a positive impression in the Central Florida Community by doing charity events.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Doug Benc/Getty Images

The girls enjoy professional hair styling by Stella Luca Salon in Winter Park Village, Fla., professional MAC makeup lessons, photography sessions by Entertainment Photographer Michal Cairns, and several other perks. Do any of the other teams enjoy hairdressing and beauty benefits?

34. The Tampa Bay Ray: Rays of Sunshine

MLB cheerleaders are all about creating a fun experience for the baseball fans by interacting with the crowd and pumping them up for the game. In blue shorts and a white baseball jersey, the Ray Team cheerleaders certainly know how to keep the vibe going for both the players and fans alike.

Top Cheerleading Squads

J. Meric/Getty Images

When the batters are up, they sing and dance on the sidelines to well-known team songs. The dancers are also involved in the community by performing at plenty of charity and social events. Who’s up next? A team you don’t want to miss!

35. Dallas Mavericks: Basketball Wonders

The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks’ cheerleading team boasts one of the best and richest cheerleading teams in the whole league. The squad, known as the DMD for short, consists of 20 talented dancers who showcase what cheerleading is all about.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Some of these dancers have made the list of top 100 dancers in the world, which means the audition process can be pretty tough. Auditions take place at the Hilton Anatole grand ballroom where dancers are required to arrive in short shorts, white socks, nude hose, a crop top, and white shoes of any athletic brand.

36. Jacksonville Jaguars: Let Me Hear You Roar

A young team with lots of potential, the Jacksonville Jaguars bring it with exciting dance routines and are known for the nickname “the ROAR of the Jaguars.” In 2016, this NFL cheer and dance team had a total of 34 members. When they’re not dancing, members sign autographs and pose for pictures during games.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

With dance sneakers and skin-tone hose, it’s real fun watching these jaguars bring it on for the crowd, especially when they wear animal-prints costumes. So let’s hear that Jaguar ROAR! Which other animal-inspired cheerleading squads are out there? Find out next.

37. Carolina Panthers: TopCats on the Field

A group of 24 women grace the NFL field leading cheers and entertain fans at Carolina Panthers home games. They are known as the TopCats and perform alongside a live drumline called the “PurrCussion”. The Purrcussions are made up of a tenor drum, snare drum, bass drummers, and cymbal players.


Top Cheerleading Squads

Craig Jones/Getty Images

Aside from performing at games, the TopCats participate in both charity and corporate events. They also do monthly visits to patients at Levine Children’s Hospital. Auditions for the TopCats are typically held in April every year at Bank of America Stadium.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Swashbuckling Cheerleaders

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders were originally called the SwashBucklers until the whole organization went through a sweeping transformation in 1999. The old Creamsicle-colored outfits were changed to more pirate-like numbers. Like other NFL cheerleaders, these ladies are also invited as ambassadors on military tours overseas.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The squad performs their awesome and energetic routines at the Raymond James Stadium, home of the Bucs. Sometimes the team’s mascot, Captain Fear, joins in! The current uniform consists of gray and red tops, black-gray boots, and short skirts as seen in the picture. What other attractive uniforms are left to see?

39. Memphis Grizzlies Dancers: Grizzle & Sizzle

What does it take to become a Grizz girl and cheer on the NBA Memphis Grizzlies? One needs a High School Diploma and must be at least 18-years old. The Grizzlies play their games at the FedExForum and the team is owned by Robert Pera.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Grizzlies are currently the only Memphis team to be part of a major sports league and that means their dancers have to be at the top of their game to make the city proud. Grizz is the official mascot and was first introduced in 1995, when the team was based in Vancouver.

40. San Francisco 49ers: Gold Rush

Ever since 1983, the San Francisco 49ers’ cheer squad has been called the Gold Rush and has rushed into the hearts of fans. The team typically consists of between 34-50 female dancers, ready to don their gold, red, and white outfits and get the fans ready for a great game. The squad has even earned a reputation as one of NFL’s premier performance groups.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The ladies have been featured on many national TV shows and special events both at home and throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia. They’ve also performed at five Super Bowls. Team members can choose to participate in all kinds of events but they must be at all home games. They also train the Junior Cheerleader team.

41. Philadelphia 76ers: Feeling the Freedom

The Philadelphia 76ers, founded in 1946 and commonly known as the Sixers, are one of the oldest teams in the NBA. The Sixer have an excellent dance squad to boot. Much talent has come from the cheerleaders, including Miss Pennsylvania 2011, Amber-Joi Watkins.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Ever since the cheer squad was created, its dancers have had the good fortune to cheer on some of the best players to ever grace a basketball court, including Hal Greer, Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, Billy Cunningham, and Allen Iverson.

42. Indiana Pacers’ Pacemates: Paced With Dedication

The Indiana Pacer’s’ Pacemates are one NBA cheerleading squad with a ton of talent and beauty. Angela Sparrow danced for the squad from 2006 to 2007 before going on to become Miss Illinois USA in 2011. Meanwhile, Jocelyn Peck, the wife of  football’s Stanley Havili, has been a Pacemate since 2013.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

To make the dance team, one has to be able to be present at every rehearsal and all home games, including preseason, regular, and post-season games. This makes sure that the 18,000 fans will for sure be impressed with the spectacular routines. They were originally called the Marathon Scoreboard Girls when the team premiered in 1967 and were the NBA’s first professional cheerleading squad.

43. Seattle Seahawks: Sea Gals

This cheerleading squad is a bit like the team itself: they used to be the underdogs, but now they are known for their rise to the top. The Seattle Seahawks’ Sea Gals are the cream of the crop, with plenty of fans and also produce a  popular calendar every year.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Mat Hayward/Getty Images for American Express

To become a Sea Gal, ladies must be at least 19 years old and have the fit bodies to rock the tiny lycra shorts with a crop top bra. Even more they do it in dance shoes and sometimes heels. In order to make the team, the judges look at the dancer’s skills, showmanship, and physical ability. Don’t miss out on the other squad’s tough audition requirements.

44. Milwaukee Bucks: Tons of Energee

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Energee dancers continue to improve every year. They move and shake, but also elevate the social media experience of the fans by interacting a lot and posting many pictures and stories. They take part in photo shoots that are documented throughout the season on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Top Cheerleading Squads


Although their popularity in the NBA is limited, the cheerleading squad never fails to impress in flashy outfits and full-power dance routines that definitely earned them the name Energee. With white shoes and green costumes, the fans definitely get excited to watch the games. So, which team is up next?

45. New England Patriots: Patriotic Cheers

These cheerleaders are the official squad of the NFL’s New England Patriots and they certainly know how to give fans national pride. The 33 women perform tons of dance stunts during their routines at Gillette Stadium. The squad also makes appearances off the field with their mascot Pat Patriot.

Top Cheerleading Squads

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The all-female squad releases a swimsuit calendar every year. In 2008, they even went to China to train Chinese dancers for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Girls from seven to 17 years old have the chance to participate in a young cheer group called the Junior Patriots Cheerleaders.

46. Oklahoma City Thunder Dancers: Thunder Girls

The Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the newest basketball teams in the NBA, so it makes sense that the Thunder Girls squad’s reputation is really fresh as well. In order to gain more exposure, the girls keep their social media accounts active with frequent, fresh material and tons of photos.

Top Cheerleading Squads

J Pat Carter/Getty Images

It is no wonder that they are called the Thunder Girls because anyone in the stadium can feel the energy and electricity they create for the fans. They use whistle blows, high-kicks, back-flips, and fun routines to keep the fans on their toes.

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