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Top 10 Kendall Jenner Looks

Ever since she jumped head first into the modeling world instead of just doing little jobs her mother got her and starring on Keeping Up with The Kardashians as just one of the little sisters, Kendall Jenner has basically blown up with her popularity. She has become one of the most popular models in the world currently, who rolls with her supermodel friends like Gigi Hadid on a regular basis. Even with her sisters and mother creating such a successful career for themselves and their clothing line and celebrity appearances, Kendall has managed to create her own name and build an impressive modeling career for herself already at such a young age. Here are some of our all time favorite looks that Kendall Jenner has slayed in the past couple of years.


The classic all white look that the Kardashian ladies are so known for rocking was the perfect choice for Kendall when attending the Chanel show.


With those adorable glasses as a cute way to mix up her look, she rocked that mini skirt and crop top without it looking tacky or slutty. Very hard to pull off.

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