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Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? The Internet Can’t Decide

Many of us will easily recognize popular leading men Tom Hanks and Bill Murray when we see them, but one photo in particular has left the internet completely confused. The photo that has been circulating shows a man who looks like he could be both the well loved Ghost Buster or the memorable Forrest Gump, along with a crying baby and his grinning mother. It was originally posted on Facebook by Laura DiMichele-Ross on a group called The reason why my son is crying, and since then, the photo has brought mixed reaction.

The attention that the photo has attracted prompt Laura DiMichele-Ross to confirm was really the actor in question. According to Laura, that photo was captured at St. Andrew’s golf course in Scotland, and the person on that photo is actually no other than actor Bill Murray. However, many people still find that difficult to accept, and are claiming it is still Tom Hanks. After that, the internet basically exploded.

Tom Hanks or Bill Murray

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for BFI

The BBC took a keen interest in the matter and decided to conduct further investigations to know who exactly was on the said photo. From their investigation, they concluded that it was actually Bill Murray because at the time when the photo was taken, Tom Hanks was actually in New York, and nowhere near St. Andrew’s.

The photo has attracted thousands of comments and stirred up quite a controversy. One commenter said ’’this pictures is very important and I personally feel that it is irresponsible not to share it with as many people as possible.” Another commenter, Rebeca Huska, wrote: “what I have learned from the comments is that when Bill Murray actually cries, he starts looking like Tom Hanks.” Another one wrote, “I really thought that it was Tom Hanks….”, and the dispute continued.

Tom Hanks or Bill Murray

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DGA

The main reason why this photo has left many people puzzled is that both actors are known to enjoy taking photo with fans. Last month, for example, Hanks was spotted taking selfies with couples on their wedding day in central park. Although the mystery surrounding it has been solved, what many people have said is that the photo is absolutely amazing and should be shared to as many people as possible. Don’t you agree?

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