Where you came from ?! The Cutest Couple Award Goes To Toddler And Her Huge Poodle
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The Cutest Friends Award Goes To Toddler And Her Huge Poodle

Look out Kim and Kanye! There’s a new duo that’s captured the attention of the interwebs, and their names are Mame and Riku, a toddler-poodle pair of best friends.

The Adventures Of Mame And Riku

We’re willing to bet babies and dogs will earn a spot on most people’s lists of adorable things, and that’s why we’re sure that you’ll flip over this precious pairing of one-year old toddler Mame and her giant poodle named Riku.


What makes this story even cuter is the fact that the photographer for all of their little outings is none other than Mame’s grandmother! She’s the social media wiz who’s sprung these two to their Instagram fame. You can check out their Instagram profile here. We’re pretty sure everyone around you is going to hear some consistent “awwws” for the next few minutes.

How It All Began

Mame lives in Japan, and besides Riku, she also gets along splendidly with Gaku and Qoo, her grandmother’s other two poodles. The Instagram profile named Tamanegi is littered with adorable snaps including adventures, dress-up days, and some serious story-time sessions!


One day, Mame’s grandmother decided to start photo-journaling the escapades of her poodles and granddaughter and as you can imagine, these amazing photos have captured the attention of the internet. The profile now has over 130,000 Instagram followers.

Our Personal Poodle Favorites

There are so many precious pictures to choose from, but some highlights for us have to include the following:


Apparently, besides being a baby whisperer, Riku also knows how to ride a bike!

Who doesn’t love cuddling with a big canine companion? Clearly, Riku is grandmother’s dog of choice for putting the little one down for a nap. Do yourself a favor and go check out Tamanegi’s profile for more great pictures. There’s no way it doesn’t give you your dose of the feels for the day!


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